David Archuleta LIVE IN MANILA 2011!

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When In Manila, I had to check out David Archuleta in Manila once more!


One of the youngest contestants of American Idol season 7 and runner up, David Archuleta came to Manila July 18, 2011. He eagerly welcomed his Filipino fans with his comeback concert. He had previously done a show in Manila with Season 7 American Idol winner: David Cook last May 16, 2009.


IMG 69151Some fans wanting David’s attention. How cute!


I loved how Araneta Coliseum wasn’t so crowded! Everything was very organized. Came with my good friend and frequent SOJ (School of Jocks) partner, Matt. It was a nice experience seeing a concert so chill and well prepared for.


IMG 69291
The show started with Julie Anne San Jose. I wasn’t that familiar with her since I don’t watch GMA or local television that often but I heard she was from Party Pilipinas and the “love team” of Elmo Magalona. I did some research about her before cause my followers on my other blog were comparing me to her because of reasons I do not know of!


IMG 69281

First impressions were: She is hella pretty. Second was: THIS KID CAN SING!!! She sang covers from Paramore, Nicki Minaj (Super Bass, of which the crowd went wild and she can definitely rap!) & closed her set with Rihanna’s California King Bed. Both me and Matt were just familiar with her but when she sang Paramore and Rihanna me and Matt became INSTANT fans! Only comment would be I’m not so sure of her “identity” yet. Maybe she can venture on that a little bit more in the future.


Julie Anne San Jose’s controversial fall. Yes, she did fell. Worried a lot actually. In the middle of her song she lost her balance. Not many reacted though! Well, people were taken aback by it whether or not its actually a real fall or that was part of her exhibition. I’m not really sure! Any thoughts? Comment below!

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The show started with a bang! Everyone was shouting and David really melted the hearts of many teenage girls in the Big Dome. It was quite amusing and very adorable. He sang songs from his new album and he actually released an asian album which was very special to him.


IMG 69641

David’s band was excellent! They’re from all over the world. From Los Angeles down to New Zealand!


IMG 69501

He suddenly went mellow and went to the piano and said “This next song reminds me of my mom. I miss her so much.” Then he started playing “A thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and I lost my head!!! Vanessa is one of my favorite artists and that song was very dear to me.


IMG 69741In the middle of the song, he paused and got emotional. To the point that he forgot the second verse and laughed. He came back strong and everyone cheered for him. It was very cute!!! Mistakes made me see how much of a typical human being he is despite well, THE INTERNATIONAL FAME!

IMG 69711

He ended the show but everyone was cheering for an Encore so he did! He sang a Bryan Adams cover of “Heaven” and his first single “Crush.”

IMG 69601


When In Manila, and had the experience of seeing him perform live really made me appreciate his music, perseverance in following his dreams and how much he can put on a good show. Officially a David-holic!

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