Date the Designated Driver

Date the designated driver because they will lead you to amazing adventures. They will share with you some of their favorite places, their secret hideaways. They are rebels but you’ll be in for a fun and sweet ride. With them, the opportunity to explore the world is just one road trip away.

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Their keys are always latched by their pockets, ready to be placed in the ignition. They are always ready to go.

They know their ways around the city. Despite that, they have Waze on their phone just to be sure. They are not afraid to ask directions. They value time because they want to reach the destination at the same time as or earlier than the ETA.

Designated drivers are super patient. They know how to keep their cool despite getting stuck on bumper to bumper EDSA or C5 traffic. They know how to wait and they know that every great destination is worth the wait. Like every great destination, every great person is worth pursuing.

They are disciplined. They know the rules and follow them. They put safety on top of their priorities. To ensure this, they are also quick on their feet. They’d do everything to protect you and make sure the trip is a smooth ride.

They are focused and determined, much like how they drive.

Your travels with them will paint colors to your world.

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You can sleep while they drive. They don’t mind that you snooze but they’d prefer you’d talk to them. They have lots of travel stories you might want to hear out and they’d entertain you with witty banters. You can share anything with them. They are full of insights but they are also willing to simply lend an ear.

Your long drives together are like dates on-the-go. You can just be yourself and open up while they drive. They won’t ever judge you. They’ve seen messy stuff and done more than drive home a drunk friend who puked on them.

They are spontaneous. They can take you to Tagaytay, Batangas, Baler, La Union, or Baguio on the get-go. They know that unplanned trips are the ones that materialize. They make trips happen.

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They are brave. They are not scared of driving alone on a street foreign to them sans streetlights. They are not afraid to go further. They are fearless of rough roads. They will do everything, even cross a creek, to get there, to get to you.

They may not always have amazing road trip playlists but they are never afraid to belt out any song. The car is their stage and the open road is their audience. Even when out of tune, they know how to fill the trip with music and take the boredom away. Before you know it, you’ve already arrived.

To them, you are always on the way — even if you live from two ends of the city. They don’t mind bringing you back to your home in one piece because they are responsible like that.

Often, the designated driver goes unnoticed and thankless, but they don’t ask for anything in return. It is enough that together, you enjoy taking roads less traveled. Still, a tight hug or a peck on the cheek when they drive you home will definitely go appreciated. The kilometers that they have to drive back will be covered with an ear to ear smile.

If the designated driver says that to them you are special, you know that only breathtaking adventures lie ahead. They don’t stay in one place. They keep moving to keep gaining more experiences and memories. They will take care of you even if you don’t need any taking care of. Although driving is not without hassles and it can get tiring at times, they won’t mind so long as you call shotgun. Every once in a while, hold their hand when it is not on the wheel or the stick shift lever. Hold it tight just to reassure them that you are in it for the long ride.

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Date the designated driver and they’ll be your knight in shining EcoSport.

The EcoSport Compact Urban SUV

The trendy EcoSport has created an entirely new vehicle segment in the Philippines. Based on Ford’s global B-segment platform, the EcoSport is an aspirational alternative to a compact car, large enough for five adults and their gear.

The EcoSport’s blend of flexibility and smart connectivity will appeal to lifestyle customers who are independent and love exploring the world around them. Being the first-ever B-segment SUV in the country makes it just the right vehicle for driving through the cramped streets of Manila or exploring nearby cities.

In 2016, Ford launched its limited EcoSport Black Edition that is equipped with contrasting black details complemented with stylized accessories for a bold, distinct look on the road. It comes with black-painted 16-inch alloy wheels, black-painted lower grille surround and upper grill bezel, black out dual halogen headlamps with signature light, black front fog lamps bezel, black-painted side mirrors, among others.

The EcoSport Black Edition also comes with roof cross bars, a rear spoiler, sports pedals, and illuminated scuff plates. It also features Keyless Swing Gate, Push-Start button, rear parking sensors, and SYNC among others for added convenience to the driver.

For more information on the Ford EcoSport, visit or

*Special thanks to Ford Motor Philippines for inviting us to their Art Appreciation Drive in Pinto Art Museum and Sip and Gogh.