LOOK: Daniel Padilla Surprises Kath Bernardo After the Ball with Beautiful Bouquets of Flowers

Daniel Padilla just prepared an elaborate surprise for girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo after last weekend’s ABS-CBN Ball 2019, and it involves the one thing Kath loves receiving the most: flowers!

On Instagram, Kath expressed her gratitude towards Daniel for showering her with beautiful bouquets in her hotel room and for always making such sweet and romantic gestures throughout their 8-year relationship.

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“He knows how much I love receiving flowers but I didn’t expect to be showered with so many bouquets waiting for me at my hotel room. This guy knows exactly how to make me fall in love again and again!” she shared in the caption.

“This is our 8th ball together and it amazes me how he doesn’t change at all. In fact, he just keeps getting better and better each year! Someone who makes an effort to pull a surprise for me, someone who holds my hand on the red carpet (and sometimes even fixes my dress lol), and someone who takes care of me until after the party’s over—I honestly could NEVER ask for a better date,” she continued.

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Just over a week ago, Kath also woke up to a sweet surprise at home from Daniel in celebration of her film Hello, Love, Goodbye breaking a box-office record. In a post shared by her mom Min Bernardo, it was revealed that Daniel gave Kath a bouquet of yellow tulips.

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