LOOK: Kath Bernardo receives romantic surprise from Daniel Padilla after ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ box office record

Following the success of Hello, Love, Goodbye as now the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, Daniel Padilla gave his onscreen and real-life beau, Kathryn Bernardo, a sweet surprise as congratulations!

According to Kath’s mother, Min Bernardo, Daniel had sent over a bouquet of yellow tulips early Thursday morning and had it placed next to Kath’s bed to surprise her when she woke up. Min also shared that she was given a bouquet of red roses by Daniel too.


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“Ang aga naman dumating ni Primo, tulips talaga! And sa akin pa red roses. THOU lang talaga ang peg, DJ?” Min wrote, referring to the 2018 KathNiel film The Hows of Us.

“Thank you so much my son. Huwag lang akong si tita Lola ha? Kidding aside, thank you for being thoughtful as always. Huwag ka lang magbabago and we’re here as your second family,” she continued.

This surprise comes after Kath posted a sweet letter addressed to Daniel on her Instagram, thanking him for the love and support he gave her during the filming of Hello, Love, Goodbye.

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“Since day one, you were my biggest supporter and my number one cheerleader. I know how hard it was for you to let go of my hand, but despite that you still allowed me to fly. You know how scared I was being away from you too, but you stayed strong for the both of us. You kept reminding me, “Kaya mo yan, mahal. Konti nalang!” You never gave up, you never gave me a reason to doubt myself or us. So to be honest, “thank you” is not enough to cover everything I feel—because it was your love that made all of this possible. I hope I made you proud, my love. I couldn’t have done this without you by my side. Your success is mine; my success is yours.” she wrote on the post.

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