Dance the Night Away in Karpos Live Mix 9: FKJ x ADOY

Karpos Live Mix 9 was a night of endless groove and dancing thanks to the collaboration of brilliant artists, FKJ and ADOY. From the long line of people waiting at the entrance of ABS-CBN Vertis Tent, you can be certain that this was a night everybody was looking forward to. You can already sense the excitement once the crowd started filling in the venue. 

Who better ride that wave of excitement than Filipino band, Basically Saturday Night? The Wanderband 2018 winner opened for the night and their boogie fusion tunes made everyone dance on their feet. Their charismatic performance prepped the crowd for what’s ahead. 

Up next on the stage was the South Korean commercial indie band, ADOY. You could see that they’ve warmed up to the Filipino crowd ever since their performance in last year’s Wanderland Music Festival. The quartet is known for its chill yet funky music.

They performed songs that made the crowd imagine they were in the middle of an indie movie with a band serenading them in the background. Their hits made people sway and wave their arms in delight. Everyone was so immersed in the music that the audience kept asking for more even after their last song. 

Finally, the headliner, FKJ, went up on the stage.

Whether you know him as French Kiwi Juice or his real name, Vincent Fenton doesn’t matter because he will make you remember him by his music. The French multi-instrumentalist did not fail to keep the crowd in awe as he juggled one instrument after the other. From the bass and piano to the saxophone and guitar, FKJ kept delivering hit after hit.

His groovy music made everyone shake their hips and bop their heads. The crowd was getting more immersed as he played more songs. By the time he started playing “Tadow”, everybody was going crazy. The night of music ended perfectly when FKJ’s Filipina wife, June Marieezy, went up on the stage for an encore performance of their song “Vibin’ Out with (((O)))”. It was so beautiful to the point that it looked like an artwork. 

Karpos Live Mix 9 was definitely of good music and immense artistry. Even more, it was a night that proved that no matter what your race is or where you came from, music is a language that transcends borders and speaks straight to your soul. 


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