Current Swell: Where Great Food and Coffee Unite

Article by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan (@blueiceiah) / Photos by Carlo Dinglasan / Graphics by Andie Poblete

Coffee is a huge part of our day-to-day routine. Especially for students like me, coffee becomes our water whenever exams, PeTas, or thesis week are upon us. This is a huge reason why coffee shops tend to have a lot of students in them.

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However, there are also times when I drink coffee just to calm down and transport me to an oasis in the bustling world of the academe. Imagine enjoying a cup of brewed coffee while reading a good book for a weekend. Add some comfort food to indulge your tastebuds with a guilty yet well-deserved treat. Doesn’t that sound great?

Well, you can earn that treat at Current Swell in Mandaluyong! Located just across TV5’s headquarters, the Pioneer Market-based coffee shop is among the coffee places that pop into everyone’s minds whenever they’re looking for a place to chill and enjoy good food and coffee at the same time.

Inspired by the easy-going and flowing waves of the ocean while enjoying the best coffee at the beach, Current Swell is a joint venture by Mike and Angeli Sarmiento and Claude Hizon, who dreamed of bringing that same beach vibe to the metropolis. Now, they’ve been in the food scene for 3 years and counting!

Claude shares, “Here at Current Swell, we roast our own beans, which are locally harvested. This ensures that our beans are always fresh. Also, we focus on the food which is always meant to be shared.” 

Here is a glimpse of the food and drinks you’ll find at Current Swell, your next favorite cafe in town:

Iced Spanish Latte – Php160

This drink will definitely make you want to come back to Current Swell! A hybrid of their latte with a dose of their homemade Dulce de Leche, this drink has a deep yet subtle punch.

Monte Cristo – Php170

Tucked between crispy brioche, the diced ham pieces of this dish are melted in cheddar and mozzarella cheese! It is served with their equally delicious tomato soup. Yummy!

Beef Pares – Php190

Being someone who is always on the streets of Manila, this dish has always been close to my heart. Beef cutlets with braised shitake mushrooms are topped on fried rice, a soft boiled egg, and garlic bokchoy – a true masterpiece of Current Swell’s innovative kitchen!

Current Swell Chori Rice – Php150

If you’re a solid Chorizo fan, then you’ll love this. The smoked homemade chorizo is served in a bed of fried rice along with pickled red onions and garlic lime aioli sauce. Highly recommended!

Spanish Poached Eggs – Php180

Love pizza? You’ll love this one, too, with poached eggs mixed into a tomato-based sauce. Served with slices of toasted bread, this will win your heart for sure.

Salmon and Egg Croissant – Php215

If you love putting savory items in-between your croissant, then this dish is for you! Smoky salmon slices and a scrambled egg are tucked between two toasted croissant slices for nothing but heavenly bites. A bit of it is enough to give you enough reason to go back to Current Swell.

Monkey Man French Toast – Php190

What if chocolate was combined with a breakfast favorite? At Current Swell, you’d be able to try just that with this dish. French toast slices are filled and covered in chocolate to truly brighten up your day. It is also topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for good measure. How’s that for a treat?

Butterscotch Caramelized Apple Pancakes – Php170

Craving for some pancakes? Don’t worry! Current Swell offers them, too! Your go-to breakfast has been upgraded here, though, by adding a hint of butterscotch and sliced apples. To top it off, a generous splash of maple syrup is added. Delicious!

Have you ever dreamed of having fresh coffee beans delivered to your doorstep? If so, well, you’re in luck! Current Swell offers coffee subscription packages as listed below. Get to choose from their wide variety of coffee beans, which are locally and internationally grown. Not only that, delivery is FREE of charge and you’ll receive an additional 100g of the month’s featured coffee!

Need directions? We’ve got you!

Current Swell Coffee Brewery

Reliance St. cor. Pioneer St., Mandaluyong (Inside Pioneer Market)

Open from 10am – 10pm

0908 822 1179


Instagram: @currentswellcb


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