Cuppa Espresso: Quality Espresso Machines That Won’t Hurt Your Wallets

Have you always wanted to set up a coffee nook at home? We know, the idea can be a little bit intimidating when you think about how much coffee machines usually cost. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, but just like buying other budget things, they usually leave you spending more. This is because most generic machines either do not last long or do not have the right features. If you really want quality espresso machines though, the entry-level ones would usually cost around 10,000 to 15,000 pesos.

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This might be the reason why most coffee lovers shoot down the idea before they even begin. Cousins Kyle and Aaron encountered the same problem–although instead of turning their backs, they faced it with an innovative solution! They built “Cuppa Espresso”, a local start-up focused on bringing quality and affordable coffee equipment to Filipinos. With this proudly Pinoy brand, they aim to bridge the gap between espresso and regular coffee lovers.

“We realized that we probably weren’t the only ones who were looking for affordable brands to sort of dip our toes into the enthusiast coffee space, so we decided to start Cuppa Espresso,” the two shared. Upon realizing that cost is the biggest barrier for a lot of Filipino would-be coffee enthusiasts, they created something that would make it accessible to everyone! They wanted to bring in a machine that had the right features so people could really try their hand at the world of espresso.

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They continued, “From this philosophy, all of our machines are personally sourced by us. We thoroughly test our machines (samples will typically spend months on our personal coffee counters while testing) and want to ensure even the aftersales quality by offering a competitive warranty on all units.” Today, Cuppa Espresso encourages and enables people to pursue their passion for coffee.

The founders also believe that having a personal coffee space at home is never about money, but mostly about the community. “We have benefitted so much from the coffee community in the country and have made really good friends in this community, and we want others to have the chance to do the same,” they told us.


This is why Cuppa Espresso is not just a brand or a source, it stays with you throughout your journey, which is essential for beginners. They explained, “What makes Cuppa Espresso unique is the amount of care that we put into our products and services. With our previous terrible experiences with owning machines from bigger brands, we agreed from the start that our relationship with our customers doesn’t just end when we make a sale, but continues on to support them toward their coffee journey.”


The entire team truly stands behind the quality of their products. They even offer a one-year warranty on all their machines and engage with their customers actively on all platforms! “We want to make sure that when you contact us, you aren’t just reaching some automated hotline or outsourced service, but that you actually engage with a person who is equally passionate and knowledgeable about coffee,” they said.

“We are stepping up our game, not just providing quality and affordable products, but also looking toward building and supporting the coffee community here in the country.”


With Cuppa Espresso, you don’t just get quality coffee machines at a good price, you also get welcomed to a warm community who share the same passion as you! You can even avail 20% off on all of their products until the end of May by using the code “CUPPAFIRST” upon checking out on their website (!


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