Cukay’s: Sweet Treats for the Tum Tum

WHEN IN MANILA, different pastry stores have been popping out from left to right. But only a few truly stand out like Cookie Bar and My Sweet Fairy. Last Mother’s Day, I took my mom to Robinsons Magnolia for lunch and a quick stroll. While waiting for our table, my mom and I checked out the mini food bazaar and came across Cukay’s.

Cukay’s bakes some of the best pastries I have ever tasted! They have an extensive menu of pastries, but here are the ones that stood out for me.




I love a good ol’ chocolate chip and I love an old fashion camp fire s’mores. But who knew two of my favorite treats can be rolled up in one? That’s exactly what Cukay’s did. Their s’mores chocolate chip cookie is just amazeballs! Must try!




Aside from their S’mores cookies, another one of a kind treat from Cukay’s is their Oreo filled chocolate chip cookie. This treat from Cukay’s is just sinfully delicious.




I’m a huge fan of lemon squares. And Cukay’s lemon bar is definitely one of the best out there. I love how they struck the perfect balance between the sweetness and the tanginess of the lemon flavor.




What I love about Cukay’s revel bars is that you can taste the chocolate minus the overly sweetness of a normal bar. It’s the perfect treat for people who are looking for a good dessert without having to worry about getting diabetes.


 Now what’s a pastry store without the star: the cupcakes! Cukay’s mini cupcakes are so cute and tasty.

I love how each mini cake in a cup is bursting with unique and strong flavors. This is definitely a treat that can brighten up anyone’s day.

So if you’re in a mood for sweet treats that are like no other, don’t forget to check out Cukay’s WHEN IN MANILA.



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Cukay: Sweet Treats for the Tum Tum