My Sweet Fairy: Where Sweet Dreams Do Come True!

WHEN IN MANILA, pastries are a surefire hit when it comes to kids and kids at heart. My Sweet Fairy, a home baked goodie shop will definitely a favorite of many especially with the holidays coming and here are the reasons why:


(Php 100)





My Sweet Fairy’s Limoncello Bars are hands down amazing! I’m a fan of lemon bars but this one is different. It’s thinly sliced, a bit crunchy, and sprinkled with confection powder. YUM!

(Php 150)





My Sweet Fairy’s Black & White Crinkles has a melt in your mouth feel. It’s super soft and super chocolaty. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had.


(Php 170)





I love cookies even more than Cookie Monster if I may add. And My Sweet Fairy’s Classic Chocolate Chip are amazing! I love the Belgian chocolate chips that they used!

(Php 270)





My Sweet Fairy’s Salted Caramel is cake is super addicting! I couldn’t stop myself from slicing up slice after slice! A must-try!

(Php 270)





From My Sweet Fairy’s Simply Chocolate Cake, you can immediately tell that even with the affordable prices that they do not scrimp on the quality of the products. The chocolate is so rich and the flavor is just amazing! This is my new holy grail for the holidays.

(Php 80; Php70)





Left: The Dark Chocolate Espresso cupcake is amazingly good. I love the chocolate filling inside the small cake.

Right: This is my favorite among the bunch. The Peanut Butter Chocolate is so good!! No words can describe my heavenly experience with this cupcake.

(Php 80; Php 70)





Left: Mint lover rejoice as My Sweet Fairy offers you one of the best if not the best mint cupcake in the country! I love how the mint doesn’t overpower the chocolate goodness of the cupcake but rather it acts as the maid of honor of the chocolate and only adds a touch of sparkle to it.

Right: Though I’m a little bored with the red velvet since its coming out season, I must say, I absolutely enjoyed My Sweet Fairy’s Red Velvet. I dunno when I dunno how but I know everyone will enjoy this cake once they sink their teeth into it.

So for some fantastic baked goodies, check out My Sweet Fairy WHEN IN MANILA.






My Sweet Fairy


Contact: 776 23 72 or 0929 953 4577









My Sweet Fairy: Where Sweet Dreams Do Come True!

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