Cookie Bar: The Remedy for Your Undying Cookie Cravings

WHEN IN MANILA, there will always be that one thing that transports us to the wonderstrucking memories of our childhood. For me, that’s a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. I still remember how I used to gobble up a gigantic pack of Mr. Keeble’s Soft Batch while watching the classic Spongebob Squarepants on the yellow couch in the living room all by myself. So it’s no surprise that as soon as I heard of Cookie Bar, I got all bananas, super excited to get my hands on one of their good cookies.  

Cookie Bar, an online store that sells one of the best and most unique cookies that I’ve ever tasted, is to die for! Their cookie cups and cookie cakes are simply magnificent. And don’t even get me started on their alfajores. Here are some of my absolute faves from Cookie Bar!


Cookie Bar’s Oreo Cookie Dough Cups are heaven on earth! I mean seriously, what could be better than a huge chocolate chip cookie covered in Oreo bits topped with a ridiculously good cream cheese frosting?




I love Cookie Bar’s Red Velvet Cookie Cups to the moon and back. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Red Velvet cupcake, but Red Velvet cookies, way more awesome!




Up to this day I can’t forget my Korean block mate’s expression of pure bliss as he bit into this teeny heart-shaped alfajores. I can tell that he fell in love with this cookie and who can blame him? The oozing caramel sandwiched between two melt in your mouth biscuits is just amazing. And my favorite part, the sweet sugar powder on top.




Cookie Bar’s best seller of course is their cookie cup series. All of the flavors whether the premium ones or not are so mouth-watering you’ll need to watch out for the cookie cups you can gobble up in 10 minutes if you don’t wanna pack on the pounds. But with cookie cups this good, even a 20 pounds increase would be oh so worth it. You’ve all got to try the Reese Cookie Cup, definitely a two thumbs up!


Every cookie fans’ dream has finally come true! Cookie Bar’s Cookie Cake is to die for seriously! This giant cookie loaded with chocolate chips that melt in your mouth effortlessly. When In Manila readers, I’m telling you, ya’ll should give this cookie cake a shot!

So what are you waiting for cookie lovers, check out Cookie Bar and remedy your undying cookie cravings WHEN IN MANILA.

Cookie Bar


Barangay Kapitolyo 1603


Contact: 0917 555 1228








Cookie Bar: Your Remedy For Your Undying Cookie Cravings


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