LOOK: Crystallized Coffee is Now in the Philippines

Calling all coffee lovers! We’ve discovered something new that you are sure to love, especially if the convenience and quality of your coffee are important to you. Made from pure Arabica coffee beans from the mountains of Colombia, Lyger Coffee is the first-ever crystallized coffee in the country.

Photo from Lyger Coffee

Lyger Coffee basically goes through an innovative process of freeze-drying called crystallization, which is said to bring out the best in the coffee beans: clear-cut flavors and aromas at a much higher level than regular dried coffee. And they’re available in adorable mini cups that you can bring practically anywhere!

Lyger Coffee’s original team of four came up with the idea of mini cups to support the brand’s two most important elements: convenience and class. Lyger Coffee co-founder Philipp Renner explains, “We thought about how we want to make the coffee taste really good, and we went through different options of beans. Then, you can just take these tiny cups with you wherever you go, and you just need any kind of liquid, water, or milk to make your coffee. You can use cold or hot liquid and then you have your own coffee within literally 20 seconds.”

Photo from Lyger Coffee

Made for coffee lovers by the most exacting coffee aficionados themselves, Lyger Coffee aims to bring world-class coffee right to the Filipinos’ fingertips with the help of LOCAD for logistics and delivery.

Together with a local NGO, Lyger has also launched their ​​Return Your Mini Cups Program which recycles used the mini cups by turning them into construction bricks. How awesome is that? Plus, if you join them in this advocacy, you can look forward to freebies after you send back 50 empty mini-cups.

Photo from Lyger Coffee

Lyger Coffee currently available in Americano and Latte flavors.

Lyger Coffee


Website: http://www.lygercoffee.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lyger.Coffee

Instagram: @lyger.coffee

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