Crumpler’s The Peak Season is the Perfect Travel, Gym and Shopping Bag

When in Manila, would you believe if I tell you this Crumpler’s Peak Season bag is all I need for an out-of-town trip? Crumpler’s Peak Season is the perfect buddy-bag for travelers who refused to travel light, and is just as perfect for gym visits and serious shopping. It is spacious, durable and stylish too.



If you think this bag is just like your favorite pouch, or like a freebie organizer that you get when you buy your favorite shampoo, you wait until my story unfolds.


Crumpler’s The Peak Season is a great surprise, as it unfolds to a big, massive duffle bag which can hold 40 liters of cargo.

The bag itself which can be packed into its own interior pocket  weighs only 350 grams, and measures 16cm x 17cm x 7cm making it a perfect extra bag for serious shopping when traveling abroad.

The design is simple but the combination of the color (turquoise and hot pink) makes it the best bag for the hip, young and stylish crowd. And because of its fun color, you can easily spot it among other bags when traveling with a group.


Knowing Crumpler, as makers of good quality bags, we can be assured that the bag is made of good material. The cloth is thick, and the type which cannot be easily torn or frayed. It is made of water-resistant material in the exterior (although, I haven’t personally tested it by pouring water straight to the bag – I will let the weather do the test for me).

The handles are made of soft, cotton material. It is double layered with the handles stitched together that perfectly molds to the hands, and helps distribute weight when the bag is carried on the shoulders. I love that the handles never feel painful, hard or itchy in my shoulders.

The signature Crumpler button is present, which serves as a snap fastener and a cute accent which breaks the black color of the upper part of the bag.

Crumpler used thick strings in yummy pink color which seals the bag from end to end – to keep the weather out and ensure your cargo stays safe and dry.  You can even use it to snap your favorite key chains collection! 


The Peak Season promises to carry 40-liters of cargo – it makes me feel like I am Ultimate Warrior and a certified wrestler.  To ensure it wouldn’t break both its promise, and the bag, let’s check out the interior and workmanship.

Inside the bag are double stitches for overlapping linings. I thought it was factory defect, but checking the other areas of the bag, it tells me it is a Crumpler quality style for having the same stitch for overlaps – both sides.

The handles are securely stitched and attached on the middle part of the bag (the part where the turquoise and black cloths are connected), and in the openings of the bag (black cloth part) which gives the handles more power in carrying the weight of the bag – and gives us more confidence that it wouldn’t detach any moment.



But how strong and good are the stitches? Looking at the the stitches closely, it appears that it mirrors the Crumpler’s logo.  The stitches for the handles are different from the usual stitches made for the other parts of the bag.

The stitches near the opening also spells “durability”.  Rectangular-shaped stitches to ensure that it is securely fastened. Now, we are ready to go and head on to a road-trip!




I had the opportunity to test the The Peak Season last week. An overnight trip with friends in a rest house somewhere South. Thinking we would be staying in a furnished place, in a short time, I just brought few essentials.




.. and The Peak Season gladly embraced and adopted my stuff.



There are even extra space for more clothes, and/or pasalubong.



The interior pocket is big enough to keep my valuables like mobile phone, camera and wallet. It is of the same dimension as the body of the duffle bag.



Zip it to keep my valuables secured!

I love that Crumpler used a not-so-typical kind of zipper.



The bag has its cute Crumpler central snap button which makes it easy to open and close.



Tighten both drawstrings and tie them together to secure the bag. 





I have to tell you that all of my friends are telling me how cute The Peak Season is!  But more than being cute and fashionable, The Peak Season is the perfect bag for out of town trips as this is spacious, and can hold heavy cargo, (and pasalubong!). As it is a duffle bag, it is flexible and can hold different stuff in every size and shape.



The bag can also be used as a gym bag which can hold not just gym clothes, but even yoga mats, or tennis rackets.


The Peak Season can also replace your favorite eco-bag. As it is light-weight (weighing only 350 grams), you can toss it in your luggage when going on out-of-the-country trip, and take it with you when shopping or doing last minute checks in Duty Free – as it perfectly fits the carry-on bag description. Bring it with you in Quezon City, and the stores would love you for supporting the zero-plastic campaign!


I would not, however, recommend it for airport luggage check-ins, as it  doesn’t have zipper which can be secured with luggage padlocks. To properly secure your belongings when using The Peak Season, I would recommend that you top the bag with a scarf or towel inside, before tightening the drawstrings and securing it.



In packing your stuff, it might help to use bag organizers and pouches to keep your things and toiletries organized.

Overall, Crumpler’s The Peak Season is the perfect travel bag  for travelers who tend to bring their whole room when going out on a trip. I love that the bag carries everything, but still looks light-weight and retains its shape when lifted. It literally would make you feel like you are Mary Poppins! 


Don’t forget to snap your bag tag and you are ready to go!



When in Manila, Crumpler’s The Peak Season is a flexible, durable and stylish bag which you can bring for out-of-town trips, gym visits, or hardcore shopping!



The Peak Season is available in all Crumpler Stores  in Metro Manila

Crumpler Trinoma

Level M3; Contact Number: 916-7098

Crumpler Bonifacio High Street

Unit 1C07;  Contact Number: 856-2019

Crumpler Robinsons Ermita

Level 3; Contact Number: 567-0662

Crumpler SM Megamall

3rd Floor;  Contact Number: 683-7391

Price is Php2,950


Available Colors: Blue and Pink; Red and Black


When in Manila, Crumpler’s The Peak Season is the Perfect Travel, Gym and Shopping Bag




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