This Belgian Chocolate Cream Puff Tower is the Perfect Sweet Treat

Love cream puffs? Croquembouche Factory elevates the cream puff experience by creating gorgeous creations that are perfect for special occasions or even just because. Trust us: these stunning cream puff towers are artworks that you will be proud to showcase at any get-together or give to someone as a gift.

Croquembouche Factory Cream Puff Tower

Photo from Croquembouche Factory

Croquembouche Factory started their operations amidst the pandemic in October 2020. “We wanted Filipinos to experience an elegant and unique centerpiece cake that not only looks beautiful but very delicious too,” they share.

Perfect for those with a mega-sweet tooth, Croquembouche Factory’s modern-day cream puff towers integrate 100 percent real Belgian chocolates into traditional cream puffs and you will be able to taste just how premium it is at first bite. Their chocolates undergo a tempering process that gives their cream puffs a smooth round shape and shiny surface. They are sooooo pretty to look at too – seriously.

Croquembouche Factory Birthday Cream Puff Tower

Photo from Croquembouche Factory

Croquembouche Factory firmly prioritizes their food’s quality and safety. That’s why they only use the highest quality ingredients available locally and internationally. They also stay away from any preservatives or additives to keep the produce as fresh and natural as possible.

Additionally, they are very transparent about the ingredients they use because they believe their customers deserve to know what they eat. With this extra effort, they are able to make what most of their customers claim to be the best cream puffs they’ve had so far. My daughter absolutely loved them… even though it took a while for us to dig in because the tower was just too pretty.

Croquembouche Factory Debut Cream Puff Tower e1662776237167

Photo from Croquembouche Factory

Their cream puffs are also incredibly creamy. Filled with a vanilla diplomat cream filling, which is a mix of custard cream and whipped cream, this combination makes their cream puffs richer and creamer. They also contain actual vanilla seeds inside.

Croquembouche Factory Cream Puffs

Photo from Croquembouche Factory

Croquembouche Factory has a lineup of croquembouches of various sizes to accommodate any party from small birthday parties at home to large events. They have even curated over 50 designs and flavor combinations that you can choose from that are best suited for any of your celebrations. So, whether you want to make a great impression on someone, at an event, or just at home; make sure to order from Croquembouche Factory.

Croquembouche Factory


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