Creepiest Halloween Characters That’ll Spook You Out

6. Carrie White; Carrie (1976)

Like seeing someone picking on timid kids? Don’t attend prom if you do because you may end up scorched or electrocuted.

Carrie has had enough bullying and when she’s humiliated in front of the entire on that one night she felt special–the prom–she loses control and unleashes her anger and telekinetic powers, killing everyone who’s ever laughed at her.

A screengrab of Carrie on stage with her white dress soaked in blood and her terrifying eyes is a haunting sight.

5. Pennywise the Clown; It

He is probably the reason many adults are still scared shitless of clowns. Pennywise is creepy, scary, and a legitimate reason not to hire clowns for your kid’s next birthday party.

4. Ghostface; Scream trilogy

What’s your favorite scary movie?

You better think twice before entertaining someone who asks this question–unless you want to end up dead. Though there are enough beautiful ladies to make up for the gore in this slasher film, Ghostface is one hell of a creepy guy.

The whole idea of a serial killer lurking in town, butchering teens is scary enough but to realize that he’s so quick-moving he’s like Flash who seems to get to the exit doors first even when you know your house more than anyone else is totally unnerving. And that voice–that hoarse, scary voice. Add to that the fact that he–or she–can be anyone. Ghostface could even be the hot guy you’re going out with.

3. Monica and the townspeople; Aswang episode, Shake, Rattle and Roll 2

Considered by many as one of the best SRR episodes, Aswang stars Manilyn Reynes and Ana Roces who plays Portia and Monica, respectively. Portia goes to her best friend’s province on their feast day but discovers a grim and deathly secret: it’s a town full of aswangs and they had to eat a virgin to celebrate their special day. Too bad for Portia because she’s a virgin.

Aswangs are certainly among the creepiest Halloween characters to date.

I first watched this when I was 7 and the scene where Portia discovers her fate and fights to stay alive still haunts me to this day. This is probably why I still don’t like going to friends’ hometowns on special holidays.

2. Damien Thorn; The Omen and Reagan Macneil; The Exorcist

Nothing’s scarier than cute little kids who are evil deep inside. These little tots are so cute you’d want to nanny them even for just a day, but wait ’til you see their idea of fun. The young boy kills a nanny and the other one spews puke, does impossible gymnastics, is disrespectful of elders, and does nasty things on the cross worse than Miley Cyrus could ever do on stage.

1. The Gentlemen; Hush, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon outdid himself yet again in this highly acclaimed episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that didn’t use a lot of dialogue. No one spoke for 27 minutes, so all you can hear is scary musical score and sound effects that’ll make you jump out of your skin.

But the scariest part of Hush is The Gentlemen–fairy tale ghouls clad in suits with creepy faces who, ironically, smile all the time. These levitating bad guys go around town, stealing voices, so no one can scream as they rip out the still-beating hearts of their victims.

They’re number one on the list because they’re downright scary. They float in the air and creep up to you. Their facial expressions are nightmarish. You won’t be able to scream out of fright and the next thing you know, your heart is their dinner.

Next time you’re fed up with a talkative friend and wish for total silence, think again.

There you have it, 10 of the creepiest Halloween characters. When in Manila and you want a good scare on any given night, go check these out. Which one scares you the most?



Creepiest Halloween Characters That’ll Spook You Out