Creepiest Halloween Characters That’ll Spook You Out

Creepiest Halloween Characters That’ll Spook You Out

When In Manila on Halloween night and you’ve run out of energy to attend parties, why not stay at home and really feel what Halloween is like?

I’ve noticed that people now have a different perspective of November 1. I remember when we were young and this was a  scary day for kids. We thought all sorts of ghosts would be out to have fun while we were imprisoned at home with nothing to do but watch Kabayan’s much-awaited Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Special.

Today, Halloween is synonymous to parties and while it’s great that kids don’t have to be traumatized by this day anymore, it’s nice to go back to basics once in a while and get some really good scares out of it.

As such, I’ve compiled a list of the creepiest Halloween characters that will spook even the bravest of adults. Oh, and they can also be great ideas for Halloween costumes.

Warning: videos may include blood, gore, and violence, so keep kids away.


Creepiest Halloween Characters That’ll Spook You Out


10. Leatherface; Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Huge men are intimidating. As much as possible, I’d like to avoid running into strangers like these, especially if they’re sporting a mask made out of human skin and have a chainsaw in one hand.

Leatherface is 100 times scarier than the biggest bully in school simply because he kills people to feed his family.

9. Michael Myers; Halloween

Always be scared of mentally disturbed people like Mike Myers. He’s one of those characters who’re simply made to be killers. At age 6, he snapped and killed his sister and after spending 15 years in an asylum, he breaks loose and goes on a killing spree with a huge knife on a very fateful day–Halloween.

A disturbed kid who grew up a serial killer is certainly one of the creepiest Halloween characters.

8. Freddy Krueger; A Nightmare on Elm Street

You think you’re safe sleeping? We used to think that nightmares are just that–bad dreams. We didn’t think that they could get so bad that they end up killing… until Freddy Krueger came along, that is.

He’s a horrible-looking monster with awful skin razor-sharp fingers who was killed for killing children. He exacts his revenge by visiting the dreams of his killers’ children–and killing them.

So you see, there’s a bright side to being insomniacs.

7. Undin; Nanay episode, Shake, Rattle, and Roll 3

We’re used to being scared of tiyanaks, those little devilish babies, but one of the creepiest Halloween characters is the undin–a sea monster that’s overprotective of her babies.

When a group of people disturbed her eggs in the ocean, she wreaks havoc and stars killing the ones responsible using acidic saliva. Maloy, played by Manilyn Reynes, fights to save herself by bringing back the eggs to their mother.

While many laugh at the Undin, it’s undoubtedly something that’d creep you out.