Creed Press Conference in Manila

When in Manila, you’ll realize just how religious this nation is, but you probably won’t find a lot of people who can express their faith the way Creed does.



I’ve been a huge fan of Creed since I was a wee 10-year-old boy, who happened to be channel surfing and stumbled upon the music video of a song called With Arms Wide Open. Little did I know that that song got nominated in 2001 for a Grammy for Best Rock Song and that that song would open the doors to a fandom that would last over twelve years (and counting)!



When I found out that Creed was coming to Manila, I knew I could not pass up the chance to see them up close and personal. As soon as I could, I started finding any and every way possible to get myself an opportunity to be in the same room as one of my favorite bands of all time.








Of everyone in the Emerald Function Room at Crowne Plaza, I was probably the most excited, psyching myself by naming every Creed song that played within the first strum of the first chord just to prove to my friend Marji how big of a fan I was!



When they finally entered the function room, they were as low-key as low-key can get. They weren’t your typical rock stars despite the mullets and the tattoos that they sported. The only reason they stood out from everyone else was because they were American and that the spotlight was on them. Other than that, they had no rock star attitude whatsoever.



Even when they spoke, you could feel that these guys were very humble and down-to-earth. Despite his powerful voice when he sings, vocalist Scott Stapp sounds like one of the most gentle individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a room with.




Scott Stapp (vocals)




Bassist Brian Marshall was all smiles and was very candid throughout the press conference.




Touring guitarist and backup vocalist Eric Friedman




Lead guitarist Mark Tremonti (left) and drummer Scott Phillips (right)







It was interesting hearing them talk about drawing from their real-life experiences and their faith in God as sources of inspiration for their music. Vocalist Scott Stapp mentioned that the most exhilarating songs to perform are always My Sacrifice and One Last Breath because of the fans who seem to know every word and every note.



But the best part was definitely getting the chance to go up and introduce myself to the band whose music I grew up listening to! Going in, I had no idea I would be able to get to take photos with the band, let alone shake their hands!




I was at a loss for words.




You have got to love how game these guys were for everyone who went up on stage to pose for a photo with them.




I was obviously a happy camper.




After that photo was taken, I told them how much I was looking forward to their show the next night. I then spent the next hour soaking myself in the pure joy that comes from meeting one of your favorite bands in person. Things like this only happen when you’re in Manila.





With photos from Marji Manlunas



Creed’s press conference in Manila was held November 10, 2012 at Crowne Plaza. Creed: Live in Manila was brought to you by CNCA Media Concepts, Inc.






Creed Press Conference in Manila


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