Crazy Garlic Dishes at Krazy Garlik Restaurant in Makati

Garlic is good! Let me take that back… I meant to say…. Garlic is F-ing GREAT!

It’s a very tricky spice that can easily make any dish 10 times tastier than it would normally be. The more garlic you put, the better it tastes… until of course you hit a tipping point and you just ruin the entire dish.

The trick is to put a lot of garlic, but not too much garlic.

Restaurants that specialize in doing just that have flourished all around the world. Places like “The Stinking Rose,” The Pink Garlic,” “The Garlic Restaurant”, and “The Wild Garlic” have been hot spots for top celebrities and flavor-loving enthusiasts.

Now, someone finally took the hint and brought the garlic infusion invasion to the Philippines!

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila17 thumb

Welcome to Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5, Makati.

We got to try the tasty garlic overload of different styles and mixes here! Though smeared with garlic, it was never too much for the dish, or for our tastebuds too handle.

Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5 Makati is one awesomely hip place that promises to be a crowd favorite! We were invited to try their Krazy Garlik dishes and were greeted by a full house! It was packed and only people with reservations were able to get a table. Surprisingly, it was just Krazy Garlik’s third week open!

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila20 thumb

Seriously, though: I LOVE the food that they serve here. I was actually too busy eating to bother writing down any of their names…. lol. So just check out the pictures and say you want the dish with lots of garlic… oh, wait…. that might not help you much…

I do know I tried the pizza (with lots of garlic), the adobo-ish dish (with lots of garlic), the pasta (with lots of garlic), the rice (with lots of garlic), pork (with lots of garlic), and of course, who could forget the amazing dessert (with lots of garlic).

Okay, okay, so that doesn’t help you much. Well, lucky for you my good friend from wrote down the names of the dishes we had:

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila11 thumb

Pink Slush (Php280) – Pureed Strawberries and Watermelon Shake

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila12 thumb

Chinese Snowflake (Php240) – Lemon, Lime, Garlic Syrup, Ginger Root

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila7 thumb

Drink Me (Php250) – Strawberry Puree, Mango, Watermelon, Whipped Cream

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila5 thumb

Gambas Las Palmas (Php365) – Shrimps sautéed in olive oil, wine and tomato garlic sauce (sorry, remember I ate before I worked for this one… this is an after picture)

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila2 thumb

Garlicky Crispy Pata (Php595) – Deep fried pork leg topped with fried garlic in olive oil

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila1 thumb

Pork Rib Adobo (Php415) – Cooked with olive oil, premium soy sauce, and plenty of garlic

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila4 thumb

Hara-kiri Rice (Php365) – House specialty fried rice with chillies, octopus, shrimps, and bacon (good for 2-3 persons)

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila8 thumb

Fettuccini Oriente (Php465) – Chinese greens and creamy seafood sauce

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila9 thumb

Garlic Snowflake Pizza (Php385) – House special with creamy base topped with shrimps, pineapples, and garlic flakes

Krazy Garlik Restaurant Crazy Garlic Greenbelt 5 Five Makati Philippines WhenInManila When In Manila 25

Crema Catalana (Php195) – Spanish style crème brulee with a twist of garlic

Yes, though it might sound a bit weird, the crème brulee with a twist of garlic is AWESOME! It has like caramelized garlic on top, which tastes like pure candy goodness!

Anyway, I sometimes hate writing about these really good places because it makes me hungry during the whole process – looking at the tasty pictures I took, recalling the tasty dishes I ate and writing about the whole damn tasty thing!

KrazyGarlikRestaurantCrazyGarlicGreenbelt5FiveMakatiPhilippinesWhenInManilaWhenInManila27 thumb

I’m going to go eat some garlic-plastered hotdogs or something now. Just remember: When In Manila, go to Krazy Garlik to get your crazy fill of garlic! Do try the super yummy Garlic Pork Rib Adobo, Garlic Pizza, and most especially the Garlic Dessert called the Crema Catalana. Oh, and don’t forget to sip their tasty drinks like the “Chinese Snowflake” and the “Drink Me”, too! You’re in for one crazy garlic of a Krazy Garlik time!

Krazy Garlik

2nd Level, Greenbelt 5, Makati

11AM – 11PM