Couple Who Got Stuck for a Month Together After Blind Date Due to Lockdown Are Now Engaged

What a story to tell their children someday! A couple who got trapped for a month in one house together after their blind date due to a sudden lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic have just announced that they’re getting married!

Zhao Xiaoqing, who met her now-fiancé Zhao Fei through a family member, admitted to reporters that she was initially not interested in him at first. But then, she was eventually charmed by him when he kept giving her flowers, fruits, and presents for her parents.

chinese couple engaged lockdown

Photo from South China Morning Post

It was on their second date which Xiaoqing originally thought was just going to be a quick trip to Fei’s city to meet his parents when the whole village announced a sudden lockdown.

“I never thought about staying the night, because it’s pretty awkward,” said Xiaoqing to local media. Eventually, however, feelings started to blossom as she realized just how compatible they were together.

“We get along very well,” she expressed. “I have to sell apples on livestream at his house, but no matter how late it is he’s always by my side. I’m very touched by this.”

“Our souls are compatible, we get along very well, and both our parents are happy,” she added.

It seems they were fortunate enough to find their happy ever after, though the same cannot be said about the other Chinese woman who also went viral online for livestreaming her life at the home of her blind date, whom she describes is as “mute as a wooden mannequin” and whose cooking is “mediocre.”

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