Could Tom Hiddleston Be the Next James Bond?

There’s a possibility.

Though it hasn’t been made official, it seems Daniel Craig is done being the debonair 007. Apparently, the actor turned down a huge amount of offer for him to play two more James Bond movies. So does that mean the long-running spy franchise is over? Highly unlikely. Word is, the search for the next Bond is on, and one of everyone’s favorite Marvel villain is a top contender to take on over the roleTom Hiddleston a.k.a Loki in the Avengers and Thor franchise. There have been reports from film news sites such as that Hiddleston is already in “advanced talks” for the role, but that “no official offer has been made  yet.”

On the other hand, it seems actor Jamie Bell from Fantastic Four is in talks as well. He’s apparently sat down with Barbara Broccoli, the long-time Bond producer, to discuss the part, but no one can be sure yet how concrete these talks are.

By the looks of it, for now, these casting rumors would remain for a while just that rumors. But omg, aren’t we all rooting for Loki?? I mean, come on, just look at that smouldering look.

Tom Hiddleston to be the next James Bond Loki Avengers

It can happen, you guys. It can happen.


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