Cosplay Mania ’12 – Five years of providing world-class cosplay events!


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Cosplay Mania  ’12  –  Five  years  of  providing  world-class  cosplay events



Celebrating the iconic shows and games that have become classics, we bring these larger-than-life characters to life in the biggest and most anticipated Cosplay® event in the country!®, in cooperation with Brother International Philippines Corporation, Sony Philippines and Animax, is proud to present Cosplay Mania ’12 happening on September 29 and 30, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center Function Rooms 3 to 5, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The event will start at
11:00am and run up to 9:00pm for both days.



Cosplay,  derived from  the  terms  “costume”  and  “play,”  means exactly  that:  people  dressing  up  in costumes and engaging in roleplay of their favorite characters.While the exact roots of the Cosplay phenomenon have been obscured by the passage of time, evidence throughout the world indicates that their thriving fandom communities – with interests spanning science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction,
among others – gave rise to costuming and live-action roleplay in the 20th century. In recent years, the appeal and popularity of Cosplay has grown astronomically; to serve the growing number of cosplay
enthusiasts, premiere website and cosplay event organizer Organization, Inc. aims to serve
a fifth serving of pure cosplay excitement!



Five years of providing world-class cosplay events
Cosplay Mania began as a dream by cosplayers to have an event with cosplay at its theme and core. From its beginnings five years ago in SM Megatrade Hall, the event has grown not only to feature great local cosplay talent, but has also been the pioneer in bringing the best Cosplayers in the country together to compete for the right to represent the Philippines in international competition. Within five years, what began as  a dream  has now become a mission –  to bring together  the best  aspects of  local  and international conventions to forge a unique and monumental experience. With new activities, bigger contests and even stronger local and international partnerships, Cosplay Mania ’12 continues in its commitment to be the most professional and most world-class cosplay event in the country.




CM 12 Special Guest Jesuke




Cosplay Mania ’12 prides itself as the Philippine partner of Anime Festival Asia 2012, one of the biggest Anime conventions in the Southeast Asia with off-shoots in Malaysia and Indonesia.  It is also joined by its other international partners: Animax, as official regional media partner; Cosplay Gen, as international print media partner; Guidebook, as mobile guide partner, Crypton Future Media (developer of speech and music synthesis software and the Character Vocal Series, including Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and Kagamine Rin and Len, for the Vocaloid singing synthesis game engine), and Bandai (best known for Gundam, but with a host of Japanese Intellectual Properties). The event is also supported by The Department of Foreign Affairs, Japan Information and Culture Center – Embassy of Japan, The Japan Foundation Manila, and TOEI Philippines.



Setting a World Record
This year, the event attempts to set a world record of the most number of video game cosplayers assembled  in  one  occasion  as  part  of  the  Philippine  Cosplay  Appreciation  Day  festivities.  All cosplayers are invited to be part of this momentous event which will happen on September 29, 2012.



Defending the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships
For 3 years running, Cosplay Mania ’12 has been hosting the Grand Finals of the Cosplay Tournament of Champions, or TORCH, the Philippines’ first truly nationwide cosplay competition.



Last year, the Philippine representatives, Amado Carl Hernandez and Zhel Guiral of Team March Omega emerged victorious in the 2011 Asian Regional Cosplay Championships, held during Anime Festival Asia. This year, finalists vie not only to be the country’s representative in the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships, but to be the team to go down in history for ever winning the championship more than once!



New and Improved Contests and Activities!
Cosplay Mania consistently offers unique and exciting contests and activities aimed to provide a taste of cosplay excitement for all its attendees. The Project Cosplay: Solo and Group Cosplay Competitions is a huge cosplay production offering state of the art effects to enhance each performance. The Costume Building Contest is the ultimate test of costume-making skills. Set with an exciting back story, teams rush to complete their costume creations in the nick of time to save the world then compete in a physical challenge reminiscent to the Death Star climax in Star Wars. In its third instalment, Cosplay Snapshot Project volume 3 promises to be the thickest volume yet as stunning cosplay photography pours in from entries here and abroad.





CM12 Special Guest Kaname




The two-day event has also new contests such as: Cosplay Checkers, featuring a creative twist on a board game favorite showing an entertaining battle between teams of cosplayers; a funny and enthralling amateur cosplay video contest via the Amazing Cosplay Videos Caught on Tape; and the Photobomb Contest, a crazy on-stage team challenge where competitors jockey for position to be included in the final photo.


A special cosplay contest featuring technology and video games shall take place in our dealer’s hall – the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix Finale where winners stand a chance to win a laptop and mobile phones courtesy of SM Cyberzone.



To complete our convention experience, we have dedicated one hall for our partners and exhibitors offering the widest selection of toys, collectibles and merchandise. A special Cosplay Market has been featuring  cosplay  groups  who  may  want  to  meet  and  recruit  members,  as  well  as  for  cosplay entrepreneurs wishing to promote their shops and items.

Guests of Honor from the International Cosplay Community
For the first time in Philippine Cosplay history, we are bringing two notable Japanese cosplayers as part of Cosplay Mania ‘12’s Guests of Honor: KANAME☆and Reika.


KANAME☆is a renowned Japanese cosplayer known for his portrayal of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. He has been a judge and guest of honor in various anime and cosplay events in Southeast Asia, including Anime Festival Asia, in the past years. He has also been featured in the cover of Cosplay Gen: Worldwide Cosplay Magazine.  It will be his first time in the Philippines, and Cosplay Mania ’12 has the exclusive privilege of showing him the talent of Filipino Cosplayers.


麗華 REIKAis  a  famous  cosplayer  who  is  consistently  tops  the  World  Cosplay  user  rankings.  Her portrayals of Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger And Bunny and Ren Jinguuji from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ are hit among cosplay enthusiasts worldwide. She has visited Thailand, Singapore and China as a cosplay guest of honor and it will also be her first time to visit a cosplay convention in the Philippines.


Singaporean cosplayer JESUKE returns again to Cosplay Mania ’12 and completes the set of this year’s Guests of Honor.  She has been the first cover feature of Cosplay Gen: Worldwide Cosplay Magazine and her cosplay prowess continues to shine, with her renditions of Dark Mousy from DN Angel, Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8 and Sakata Gintoki from Gintama!


KANAME☆ and 麗華 REIKA shall be meeting lucky fans via the exclusive meet and greet session during the event.




CM12 Special Guest Reika



Witness the Event!
Be a part of this great event! Buy your tickets now at all SM Cinemas or online at! We’ll see you at the SMX Convention Center on September 29 and 30, 2012!



ABOUT COSPLAY.PH® is the leading Cosplay® website and online community in the Philippines. Headquarted in Makati City, Philippines, it engages in various aspects of Cosplay such as organizing, managing and implementing Cosplay events such as conventions, contests, parades and workshops.




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With years of experience in events management, has become the premiere organization for the management of Cosplay events, employed by the largest anime, gaming, toy, comic book, pop culture and collectibles conventions in the country to handle their cosplay segments. As such, it has garnered a reputation for providing creative and professional Cosplay activities and events for its partners and clientele.



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Cosplay Mania  ’12  –  Five  years  of  providing  world-class  cosplay events!