Corregidor: Visiting the Past with Manila Hotel




When in Manila, sometimes we feel the need to break away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. We look for a breath of fresh air and a taste of adventure especially now that it’s summer. For me, the best getaway is that which offers a chance to relax and learn at the same time. Luckily, I found just that with my Experience Corregidor trip by Manila Hotel.


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Corregidor is a testament to our country’s rich history. It is home to memories of heroism and Manila’s naval defenses. An island at the forefront of Manila Bay, it is shaped like a tadpole with a rocky landscape.


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 the tail of Corregidor


In partnership with Sun Cruises, you’ll surely enjoy the scenic views during ferry transfers and learn a lot from visiting historical sites as tour guides deliver informative background of the places in Corregidor! If you decide to join the tour this summer, I highly encourage you wear light clothing.


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Corregidor is indeed a wonderful place to visit. It brings you closer to the natural wonders of the Philippines as well as its colorful past.


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Thanks to Manila Hotel because we now have the easiest way to explore Corregidor and marvel at its commemorative structures.

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 Ruins of the Mile-Long Barracks


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 Ruins of the Middleside Barracks


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Eternal Flame of Freedom


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 Dome Altar


Manila Hotel, known as the Grand Dame of the Philippines which boasts of a long list of prominent figures as its guests, invites everyone to a Corregidor day tour inclusive of a special room package and other privileges.


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After having fun at Corregidor, treat yourself to all the first class amenities Manila Hotel has to offer.


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Corregidor is a gateway to visiting the past and reliving the spirit our fellowmen passed upon us. It’s an adventure you shouldn’t miss when in Manila because I bet — like I did — you’ll be saying this after the tour: I shall return!


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Experience Corregidor is available from April 19 to September 31, 2012.


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