Coronavirus mental health care: Avail FREE online consultation with psychologists

On Monday night, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the enhanced community quarantine for the entire island of Luzon to address the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The enhanced community quarantine will run until April 12.

Based on the guidelines released by the Palace last Saturday, enhanced community quarantine means:

  • home quarantine will be implemented in all households
  • transportation will be suspended
  • provision for food and essential health services will be regulated
  • the presence of uniformed personnel to enforce quarantine procedures will be heightened

With what is happening right now and as people follow orders to stay home, experiencing anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental health issues is inevitable. Therefore, if you need expert help, MindNation offers FREE 200 online consultations.

Here are the details according to their Facebook post.

  1. Open to all Philippine-based employees;
  2. 200 free 30-minute Consultations with our Psychologist will be provided from March 18-21 or until slots are available;
    1. Consultations are from 8 AM – 9 PM only;
  3. Employees are required to book through their company email for verification with their ideal schedule and mode of communication (voice or video call);
    1. To book, email with the subject “FREE CONSULTATION BOOKING”. In the body, include your name, schedule (ex. Tuesday, March 17, 1pm) and your preferred mode (voice call).
    2. You will receive a confirmation email response within the day.
  4. One person per session only.

Ensuring Privacy

All MindNation consultations are 100% secure and confidential. Whatever will be shared and discussed between you and the Psychologist will remain between the both of you!

Consultations will be done online via a through a private Google Hangouts session.

About our Psychologists

MindNation has a wide network of clinical Psychologists whose expertise ranges from behavioral health coaching to therapy and psychiatry for children and adults experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression to extreme crisis cases.

How do I maximize my 30-minute consultation?

  • Keep things short and sweet – Be concise with your introduction and how you’re feeling.
  • Be direct – We’re here to give you the calm you need. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions!
  • Ask for next steps and follow it! These sessions work best when new learnings are applied.

What is MindNation?

MindNation’s vision is simple: to create a nation of happy, healthy employees. Over 32 Million employees in the Philippines have no access to quality mental healthcare and in effect are less productive and fulfilled.

We believe mental healthcare is a business decision and should be a priority for all teams and organizations! MindNation is the country’ first high-quality behavioral healthcare system providing holistic care for employees’ well-being from easy access to psychologists, analytics, and activations that drive company culture.

Learn more about MindNation and our full range of services by sending us a message on Facebook or emailing!

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