Cookieheads: Palm-Sized Cookies for Cookie Addicts

Having a huge sweet tooth is all great until you realize you’ve finished an entire pack of cookies all by yourself. I’m pretty sure anyone who’s got a sweet tooth can relate. There’s a thin line between satisfying your massive cravings for sweet things and consuming a dangerous amount of sweets.

Thankfully, we just might have found the solution to the cravings of sweet tooths—specifically, cookie enthusiasts: Cookieheads!

Photo by Jonathan Tal Placido (Toothless Studios)

Cookieheads is an online store that offers palm-sized cookies. Yes, cookies the size of your hands!

Photo by Jonathan Tal Placido (Toothless Studios)

It all began as a way to share sweet love with friends and family during the holidays. In December 2018, a couple of professional cooks combined their own chocolate chip cookie recipes into one. That should be the first clue of how amazingly good these cookies are.

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Cookieheads was officially launched a year later, in December 2019. The people behind the brand spent an entire year perfecting their cookies; the time, effort, and dedication they poured into their recipes really pulled off.

Photo by Jonathan Tal Placido (Toothless Studios)

They take pride in their cookies being deliciously chewy.

Arielle Hernandez, one of the co-founders of Cookieheads, shares with “As cooks, we understand how things work based on the science behind food. Cookies may look simple but there is a lot of technicality to it. It’s not just butter mixed with eggs and flour, etc. Our key to quality consistency is by knowing that anything can affect everything and it took us a full year to understand this.”

Photo by Jonathan Tal Placido (Toothless Studios)

And really, their product speaks for itself. The massive sizes combined with its chewy texture and sweetness that’s just right are enough to make anyone an instant Cookiehead!

They also have reheating instructions included on their packaging to ensure that you get to eat the cookies in the best way possible. This is really helpful considering that they deliver all across Metro Manila.

Go ahead and try these cookies for yourself; you’ll be a certified Cookiehead in no time.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram to get updated with the new flavors coming up soon!


Facebook/Instagram: @cookieheads

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