Converge XCLSV Gives Subscribers Premium Personalized Service

Simple, fast, and reliable have always been the bedrock of Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., the leading fiber internet service provider in the Philippines. The company took this on by building its dynamic network to provide reliable and consistent connectivity to its subscribers. Now, the company is leveling up as they launch their first-ever premium customer service experience called XCLSV, offering priority handling and unique perks.

Available to existing and new subscribers of FiberX Plan 3500 and up, XCLSV subscribers will not only continue to enjoy strong and consistent internet connectivity, but they will now also receive the best and personalized internet support that Converge has to offer.image 2022 08 19 001122678 e1660839201986

“XCLSV was created for our high-value subscribers, so they no longer have to worry about internet concerns, and instead have more time to enjoy and make the most out of their lives,” said operations Officer Jesus C. Romero. “These exclusive privileges and more hands-on customer service enable members to allot more time to focus on what matters most to them, while our team handles the rest.”

Converge also understands the importance of human connection and a helpful voice to talk you through encountered concerns and issues. That’s why a dedicated support team has been assembled to personally handle XCLSV subscribers’ inquiries. With a personalized direct email and dedicated hotlines exclusive only to them, members will be able to seamlessly connect with customer support to address their concerns.

Another XCLSV benefit includes a priority lane at major business centers nationwide, ensuring fast and easy resolutions when they visit. Subscribers can also enjoy quarterly service/account checks, same-day on-site repairs for tech-related concerns, and free delivery of add-on devices, among other things.

Beyond fast internet connectivity, XCLSV gives the priority treatment subscribers deserve. Subscribers will now be able to indulge in perks so they can #ExperienceBetter.

To upgrade or learn more on Converge’s XCLSV plans, visit