Communications Fair 2014: Lasallians Choose to be Connected

 Communications Fair 2014: Lasallians Choose to be ConnectedMainPub_Online_COMMFAIR

Today, people are connected through various forms of communication mediums, and one of these is social media.  Everyday, individuals and organizations are able to reach audiences and fulfill their purposes through these tools. The world is given a way to share and gather information with the help of the different social media channels. Where more and more people are engaging in social media because it dissolves geographical boundaries while it creates bridges for communication, and it is almost accessible to all. A message can be sent and received across by anyone the globe in just few seconds.


This academic year 2014 – 2015, the Office of the Executive Secretary (OSEC), an office under the University Student Government (USG) strives to represent and mobilize the students of De La Salle University. It works to create and implement projects that gear students towards holistic growth and development. Furthermore, OSEC aims to increase community awareness through proper information dissemination and efficient communication mediums for the Lasallian community.


In line with this, OSEC will be having a week-long Communications Fair to be held on July 7 – 11, 2014 at Yuchengco Lobby at De La Salle University – Manila. An event to raise awareness on the initiative of the USG to highlight the importance of communication by providing efficient and effective mediums for the Lasallian community and to promote two-way communication between the USG and the student body through the various social media channels.


 There will be registration booths for students to sign-up for the different communications mediums, activities such as games and a freedom wall.


FREEBIES will be given to the first 300 students to sign up during the event.


Choose to be connected, see you all there fellow Lasallians!

 Communications Fair 2014: Lasallians Choose to be Connected

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