Commander Shooting Range Manila: The best place for target practice in Quezon City

When In Manila and looking for a way to de-stress, a perfect activity to try would be shooting guns. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that target practice gives.
This first timer is definitely willing to give shooting in Commander Shooting Range another go.

First timer at the shooting range 


“A gun is not a toy”, a phrase my father, a gun enthusiast, would tell me then and again as I was growing up. 


I had always been careful around guns because of this, I knew that damage could be done when not handled correctly. 


I was nervous and excited when stepped into the shooting range, I had no idea what to expect. What would I do if a gun malfunctioned? What if something goes wrong? Would I be able to handle a gun? 

 The shooting range.


Commander Shooting Range 


Commander Shooting Range is a PNP accredited establishment with all the required amenities and safety requirements. Kuya Jose, a range officer, immediately put our fears to rest as he explained what we were to do. 

The Commander Group of Companies building.

Kuya Jose explains that there is no shortage of novice shooters on the range, and that first timers are always welcome. Every shooter is given pointers and instructions before any shooting begins. He assured us that he will be there the whole time to help and assist us. 


Empty shells being reloaded.


Let the shooting begin! 


Basic instructions include safety reminders (like always pointing the gun in the direction of the target range), range etiquette, and proper shooting gear (includes goggles and ear muffs). 


We were taught how to properly hold a gun and how to aim. 


Kuya Jose teaching us how to work a gun.

Trying my hand at loading the bullets onto the magazine.

The first bullet 


Anticipation for that first bang was coupled with excitement and adrenaline. 



Aim, shoot.


As the bullets hit the target one by one, my anxiety over this whole activity faded. I was in control. As for my earlier question: yes, I was most definitely handling the gun.

In what seemed like seconds, 18 rounds had been shot from the gun in my hands. Gun powder was everywhere, I could even taste it. What a rush!

I tell you this experience is definitely one for the books. 

With our targets.


 Read more on this adventure here.


When In Manila and wanting to have a gunslinging adventure, visit Commander Shooting Range. I promise a most exhilarating and empowering experience.






Commander Shooting Range


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 #6 12th Avenue, Murphy Cubao, Quezon City.

Phone No. 709-4076 or 9122487 fax no. 9957637 or 9957638

Mon – Sun:8:00 am-5:00 pm



Commander Shooting Range: The best place for target practice in Manila

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