CODENAME: XANDER RETURNS; Ang Musikal Na Pangkalawakan



The premiere theatre student organization of the University of Asia & the Pacific, Dulaang Rock Opera Company, the longest-running student organization which started in 1989, will hold its reboot of the musical entitled “Codename: Xander Returns” this February. “Xander Returns” is set to be the biggest production of the student organization this year, with Palanca award-winning writer and director Christian Vallez (otherwise known by his peers as “X” or through his pen-name, “Juan Ekis”) at the helm of this new production, along with Ian Amane writing and producing the music.

The musical is a reboot of last year’s production entitled “Codename: Xander”, and is a two-act play about the story of Xander, a Pulis Pangkalawakan, who is inspired by the character “Shaider” from the 80s Japanese Action TV Show everyone came to love. It follows Xander through his exploits and adventures throughout the galaxy, fighting off the evil minions of the main antagonist, “Papi Ley-Ar” with his allies Drigo and Ida, and consequently tackles the ”forbidden love” between his co-Pulis Pangkalawakan, Cami. This rebooted musical will have it’s own story of love, betrayal and revenge, along with new characters and music. The cast is composed of student actors and actresses from various year levels in the university, and a stable production team unit all maintained by the members of the student organization. This year, Xposure Advance Lights and Sounds will be providing a more epic experience for our audience.

Codename: Xander Returns is having its premiere show on February 6, 2016. Other show dates will be on February 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, 2016. All shows will be held in Dizon Auditorium at the University of Asia & the Pacific, Pearl Drive, Pasig City. You may purchase your tickets before the show or get them online via For concerns and partnership inquiries, contact Tanya Zialcita at +0915 812 9984 or through

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