Clothes for the Goddess

When in Manila, everyone wants to dress up nicely. Before going to school or work, we take our time to pick the right outfit to wear. Usually it’s something comfortable and would suit the weather for the day. After all, who wants to dress up like an Eskimo on summer, yeah?

The thing is, we sometimes get that “I have nothing to wear” feeling – you skim through racks and racks of clothes only to skim through them over and over again until you pick something either out of frustration or because you can’t find that one thing you want to wear. If only shopping for new sets of clothes won’t cut the seams of your pocket.

Enter Clothes for the Goddess – an online shopping site offering fashionable yet affordable clothes from Korea. They update their online catalogue monthly, so you don’t have to worry about being outdated when it comes to fashion.

Since the clothes they sell are tailored for the Asian women, the sizes are just right for the built of a Filipina. From dresses to shorts to tops and blazers, they have everything! And in colourful tones at that!

Here are some of my picks from their online Korean clothes shop:



clothes for the goddess 7


clothes for the goddess 6


clothes for the goddess 5


clothes for the goddess 4


clothes for the goddess 3


clothes for the goddess 2


clothes for the goddess 1


Adorable, yes? When in Manila and you want to wear those pieces soon, visit Clothes for the Goddess. They have cool Korean clothes that are funky, sassy, and affordable.




Clothes for the Goddess




Clothes for the Goddess