Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2 is Here: Bigger, Better and Longer!

There are so many buffet options to choose from in Manila: Sambokojin, Vikings, Something Fishy; there are truly countless! The concept of a buffet is amazing: you pay one fixed price and get to eat all you can without worrying about how much the bill will be at the end! To my ladies out there: have you ever wished that this could apply to clothes shopping, as well? Well, stop wishing because it has actually happened! Clothes Buffet Manila has created an innovative shop-all-you-can event and it’s almost time for Season 2!

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2: Bigger, Better and Longer!

Pretty Penny Productions has taken the beloved concept of a buffet and turned it into a shopping heaven! They launched Clothes Buffet Manila last year with an action-packed shopping event that let hundreds of women achieve their dream closet. If you were lucky enough to attend last year’s Clothes Buffet, you’re probably thinking it couldn’t get any better. Well, think again! The buffet is back with the promise that it will be bigger, better, and longer than last year’s, with more clothes to choose from!

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2: Bigger, Better and Longer!

For those who missed out on last year’s Clothes Buffet, here’s how it works: you are given a plastic zipper bag (did I mention that this year’s bag is even bigger than last year’s bag?!) and your goal is to pick out your items and stuff as many of them as you can into the bag before the timer runs out. Last year, we only had 15 minutes to stuff our bags. This year, however, Clothes Buffet Manila is giving us an extra 5 minutes, so we now have 20 minutes to shop and stuff the bags as full as we can! As long as you can zip the bag shut when the timer runs out, you get to keep everything you grabbed!

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2: Bigger, Better and Longer!

Last year, the record was 21 pieces of clothing stuffed into a bag! Imagine how many pieces you can stuff into this year’s bag now that it’s even bigger!

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2: Bigger, Better and Longer!

Won’t they run out of good clothes, though, you ask? Don’t worry. The racks will be restocked in-between every wave of shoppers, so there will always be plenty of premium, branded items to choose from. In this year’s sneak preview mini-buffet, I was able to pick out clothing items from brands like Forever 21, H&M, and People Are People!

H&M crop top from the Season 2 sneak preview

So, what kind of clothes do they have? Well, there are two main themes this year: Coachella Ready and Gossip Girl. The Coachella Ready collection features frills, bright colors and crop tops, while the Gossip Girl collection strives to help you embody the characters of the hit TV show with sophisticated dresses, classy skirts, and, of course, sparkles!

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2: Bigger, Better and Longer!

To better give you a taste of what to expect from Season 2 of Clothes Buffet Manila, Pretty Penny Productions put on a mini-buffet that I was able to attend, so I can show you guys what you’re signing up for!

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