Circuit Training Gym Experts: 360˚ Fitness Club Opens its new doors in Makati

When In Manila what’s the most prominent thing you see on the road? Billboards! Images of men and women who have drop dead gorgeous hot bods are flooding the metro roads. Makes you always want to hit the gym when you glance at them isn’t it?!  So what’d you gonna do? Shut your eyes every time you pass by say like, EDSA? How ‘bout hitting the gym then? Few words come to mind when you hear this word- expensive, time-consuming, most of all, boring. It’s hard for most people to continue going to the gym, eating right, or both because that tub of your favorite ice cream in your fridge and that mushy couch looks more and more enticing.

I used to love working out because mainly it is a great stress reliever,  akin to my so-called meditation and lastly it always made me feel good for it sends all those good endorphins to my brain and hence creates an uplifting mood. Sure working out take times, effort and pain, but the payoff is all worth it.  If you’re the type to fall off the wagon and need to search for motivation to workout there’s 360˚  Fitness Club for you. 360˚ Fitness Club is the 1st co-ed express circuit training fitness facility in the country. As your fitness partner, they make sure you will reach your fitness goals in no time.

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After 365 days of operation in Ortigas area, they have now conquered the city of Makati. The newest branch is on 7th level of the Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati. This club is not your wishy-washy type of fitness gyms. They are dedicated to deliver two important things to its clients: Workouts as fast as 30 minutes and say adios to those boring ones.

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All you need is 30 minutes of 360˚ Circuit Training per day, 3 times a week. A 30 minute 360˚ Circuit Training can be equivalent to combined 30 minutes of a typical gym workout and 30 minutes of aerobic workout.  According to them, you can burn an average of 500 calories, and at the same time tone and strengthen your body, in just one 30 minute 360˚ Circuit Training Session? How’s that for efficiency?

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What is 360˚  Fitness?

360˚ Fitness exercise philosophy revolves on providing people with fitness opportunities that are non-traditional, efficient and most importantly, effective. With the use of free weights, kettle bells, cables, exercise balls and many other exercise accessories, the club developed the 360 Circuit, which consists of 20 exercise stations that combine cardiovascular and strengthening exercises – a total body workout that will make members, tone, shape up and burn an average of 500 calories in a total of just 30 minutes each day. It gives you a rigorous exercise ranging from trampoline jumps to TRX exercises.

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360˚ Fitness also boasts of non-extraordinary coaches to pump you up and help you achieve your fitness goals. Head Coach, Chappy Callanta explained the new circuit layout so well that makes you want to try them on the spot! Members move around the circle of exercise stations and in 30 minutes complete the whole workout.

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“Your circuit to fitness. We’re not just a fitness facility; we’re your fitness partner. And we’ll make sure you’ll get 360-fit!” says Coach Callanta.

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They added a lil bit of spice by giving us a teaser from the polecats as they performed one of their routines in the event. I even recalled how good Ciara Sotto did so well in her recent musical play, RENT. I was mesmerized by her body’s agility and flexibility. Hmmn, now I wonder if they can do pole dancing and voice lessons simultaneously?

That would be awesome. There would be a lot of enrollees for sure.

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They’re not an ordinary gym and they don’t offer average, usual gym workouts. 360˚ Fitness offer a lot more in less the time. 30 minutes. So better don’t try to come up with a million excuses with regards to working out.  Give your body a break When In Manila and give it the high it deserves by being fit and healthy. See you at 360˚ Makati!

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For more information visit :

Facebook page:

360˚ Fitness Club Makati (NEW!)

7/f Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

0917-5600360; 5777807

360˚Fitness Club Ortigas

13th floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

0917-8600360; 9409575

For Pole Dancing Class Schedules in Makati and Ortigas, check out

 263265 245223815498183 108600682493831 832381 6478538 n

*Pole dance classes at 360˚ Fitness Club Makati will start Aug 8, every Monday and Wednesday, 6-7pm. Call or text 360 at 0917-8600360 to reserve a slot. You can also check their Facebook page

 Circuit Training Gym Experts: 360˚ Fitness Club Opens its new doors in Makati