Cinema One Originals: Feel the Intensity of Filipino Cinema

Cinema One Originals: Feel the Intensity of Filipino Cinema

Cinema One Originals

With the rise of heavily commercialized movies in the country that people mindlessly flock to during the Christmas season, it feels extremely refreshing to see festivals celebrating the works of independent movie makers with seats and tickets running out on the first day.

This 2014, Cinema One Originals is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with 10 full length films to be showcased from November 9-18. Alongside these films, they will also be showcasing short films, chosen Asian films, and restored Pinoy classics like the all-time favorite One More Chance, and the timeless Anak.

Cinema One Originals (1)

The band welcoming the audience with beautiful music

Opening its first night is renowned filmmaker Elwood Perez’s “Esoterika: Maynila”, which he co-wrote with columnist and book author, Jessica Zafra. With a superb cinematography and a powerful story line, Esoterika: Maynila definitely started out this festival with a blast.

The movie takes you through the journey of the schizoid protagonist, Mario/Golago, and his self-exploration to find the creativity that he needs to become an artist. The film was inspired by Perez’s own struggles of his youth, back when he was still learning the possibilities of his craft.

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The excited crowd awaiting for the film

Indie supporters and fans will definitely enjoy this year’s entries, as well, with topics that ranges from love to societal and pressing issues to stories about family. Films such as Lorna, That Thing Called Tadhana, and Seoul Mates will bring you to the roller coaster ride of love, letting you experience the different kind of excitement, pain, and ecstasy that this emotion entails to each one of us.

On the other hand, Hindi Sila Tatanda, Violator, and Bituka ng Manok will let you explore unknown forces — whether it be extraterrestrial beings or their inner demons. Jay Abellos’ Red and Kanakan Balintagos’ Esprit de Corps tackles on the pressing issues of society, while tapping into drama and action sequences that keeps the audience alive, entertained, and educated all at the same time.

Cinema One Originals Hindi sila Tatanda

A look behind the scenes of Hindi Sila Tatanda

Cinema One Originals lorna bts19

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s Lorna

Cinema One OriginalsRED BTS 2

 Jay Abello’s Red, featuring Jericho Rosales

 Cinema One Originals ESPRIT BTS 1

Esprit de Corps’ behind the scenes

From the funny yet heartwarming premise of Paolo O’Hara’s The Babysitters to Remton Zuasola’s dramatic Soap Opera, the audience will definitely appreciate the variety that the Cinema One Originals festival offers. You’ll never get tired of lining up for the films because you know that you are in for a different taste every time you watch each of the entries.

Cinema One Originals SEOUL MATES BTS 2Shot from Nash Ang’s Seoul Mates

Cinema One Originals TADHANA 2

Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman stars at That Thing Called Tadhana

Cinema One Originals VIOLATOR 1

Intensity rises up at Dodo Dayao’s Violators

The Cinema One Originals festival will run from November 9-18 in selected theaters at Trinoma, Glorietta, Fairview Terraces, and Greenhills Promenade. To view their complete schedule, you may visit their website.

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Cinema One Originals

November 9-18, 2014

Trinoma | Glorietta | Fairview Terraces | Greenhills Promenade

Cinema One Originals: Feel the Intensity of Filipino Cinema