Churros and Gelato go well together and here’s a proof of it!

A fancy upgrade to the classic ice cream!

During the hot days, what’s usually everyone’s reprieve? Something cold and refreshing. And what is one of the things that come to mind when we crave something cold? Ice cream.

Sweet, creamy and so satisfyingly cold, ice cream can be prepared in many ways. It can be icy and milky with light flavors, much like the dirty ice cream sold in the streets or some American brands, or it can be rich and thick. The latter is what’s known as Gelato— an Italian ice cream.

Compared to American brands, gelato has less fat and less air, more milk but less cream and eggs, resulting in a denser consistency. While not a first in the Philippines, there are several Gelato brands scattered all over malls.

But Nuki Churros and Gelato does theirs differently.

Nuki Churros and Gelato brings together the delicious flavors and textures of Italy and Spain. They pride themselves on serving authentic gelato paired with artisanal, handmade churros— one inspired by a well-loved churreria in Madrid. And so, the owners brought back this memory to the Philippines and used it to create this newly opened European concept.

We first take each element separately. The churros are made with premium ingredients, but contrary to the thick and almost bread-like variants that most serve, Nuki’s version is sliced thinner for faster deep-frying. The result is a crunchy exterior yet one that is soft in the inside. Nuki prides itself on using a high oleic oil, which means that it can withstand the high temperatures of frying without burning out or going rancid so quickly. Customers have the option of getting this with their choice of dark chocolate, salted caramel or milky chocolate dips, or they can pair it with a classic gelato.

Next up the Gelato. Unlike most local variants, Nuki sources their base from Florence— a place in Italy known for their gelato. And compared to ice cream, gelato is healthier because it has a lower percentage of fat and sugar, yet still retains a rich taste and consistency. To date, Nuki offers milk chocolate, cookies and cream, pistachio, strawberry, and ube for their dairy flavors, but they even have vegan (dairy-free) options like coconut and lemon. But that’s not all. Customers have the option of enjoying these gelato flavors as a milkshake or a sherbet (for the vegan flavors) for added variety.

Nuki’s first branch can be found in SM Mall of Asia, particularly at the South Entertainment Mall, beside the music hall (open area). Currently, it’s open from 10AM to 10PM, where they serve tons of combinations for kids and adults alike.

Nuki Churros and Gelato

Address: South Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd. Pasay

Facebook: Nukichurrosandgelato

Instagram: @nukichurrosandgelato

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