Chuck Upchuck: Comfort Hoodies for All Seasons

The colder months are coming. And for a guy that has been based in Baguio City for 19 years, I know what’s about to happen. I’m not a guy who can endure the cold weather even though I’ve practically lived here all my life. I think my Manileño genes are stuck with me. Seeking the pleasure of warm air and sunkissed skin.

As a very minimalist guy, I don’t like to cover up myself with branded and too decorated clothes, especially hoodies. So I have come to the internet again for help. And I found just the perfect one for me: Chuck Upchuck.

Chuck Upchuck-1

Chuck Upchuck has a very obvious but still unique approach when it comes to their hoodies. Their designs are plain, and in not so strong colors. Perfect for my minimal taste on clothes. And I’m sure I’m not the only one (cause they have a very strong following and online presence).

I got three of their designs. A zipped hoodie, a pullover hoodie, and a crewneck sweater.

The zipped hoodie is one of my favorites. It’s casual and minimal that I can still show off a hint of my inside shirt. The thread inside has a familiar feeling of comfort. Definitely a great buy.

Chuck Upchuck-3

The Pullover Hoodie. This one is definitely for keeps. I use it at night when I sleep and on a very laidback day. The comfort it brings makes me feel like a baby when I’m inside it. They also have contrast hoodies, where the color of the fabric inside the hoodie contrasts with the outer fabric.

Chuck Upchuck-2

The crewneck is perfect when I wanna go out in a non-incognito mode without losing the comfort. This one’s also great in a casual stroll in the morning. This one’s definitely makes the essentials in my closet.

There are a whole lot more designs available including contrast hoodies, pastel colors, plus they also print custom designs. Check them out!

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