Christopher Lee (Saruman, Count Dooku) Dies at 93

I type this with a very heavy heart.

After all, who didn’t come to love Christopher Lee in his always epic villainous roles as Saruman, Count Dooku, Francisco Scaramanga and Count Dracula? Regardless of how old you might be right now – whether you’re a kid or a senior citizen – chances are, you know who Christopher Lee was.


Christopher Lee (Saruman, Count Dooku) Dies at 93

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It has just been announced that Christopher Lee died of respiratory and heart ailments, though it is said his wife has kept the heartbreaking news a secret for a few days as she wanted to tell her loved ones about it first.

Although Lee was known by many as the master of horror, Lee was also a master of wisdom. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from him on work: “We don’t always get the kind of work we want, but we always have a choice of whether to do it with good grace or not.”

I’m not sure if acting was the kind of work that he wanted, but he was definitely great at it.


Christopher Lee (Saruman, Count Dooku) Dies at 93



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