Christmas Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones This 2020

Can you imagine Christmas without family reunions, carol singing, and Simbang Gabi? These are just some of the activities that we love about this season but may not be advisable this 2020 due to the threats posed by COVID-19. As Filipinos though, we won’t let anything bring us down. Despite the challenges we faced, are currently facing, and will be facing in the future, we will always find ways to make each other smile.

Celebrating together used to be enough but this Christmas, let us lift our loved ones’ spirits even though we cannot be with them through gift-giving! And if you have not yet decided on what to send, here’s a mix of unique, trendy, and classic gift ideas for all ages to spread the love this Holiday season. 😉

By Benassi

You can’t go wrong with giving your loved ones something sweet for the holidays. If you’re looking for an affordable Christmas gift that everyone will appreciate, share, and enjoy, then By Benassi’s mascarpone cake would be a perfect choice – especially if you want to surprise an entire family in one go.

Photo from By Benassi

Based on taste and looks alone, By Benassi’s mascarpone cake is one of our team’s ultimate favorite cakes. This really isn’t surprising. This mascarpone cake is so delicious because the brainchild behind it was actually born and raised in Massa, Tuscany, Italy – and trust us: you can really taste the difference. It is the most decadent, luscious, and delicious mascarpone cake we’ve ever tried. It’s basically like getting a taste of Italy right here in the Philippines!

Photo from By Benassi

Aside from being downright delectable, By Benassi’s holiday packaging makes it the perfect surprise to give the people that you love this Christmas (read a longer review of their cake here). The cake comes in a big tub so you can send it to an entire family and it is sure to put a smile on their faces and make their bellies happy.

Photo from By Benassi

This cake is also perfect for any get-together and celebration, so you can bring it to your upcoming Christmas parties (but make sure they’re small and that everyone follows the pandemic guidelines, okay?) Order through their Instagram account now!


The gift of breaking the habit is the best you can give to your loved ones who smoke, especially during a pandemic where everyone is more health-conscious than ever before. SnowPlus is a smarter alternative solution for those who wish to quit cigarette smoking. This device can help people make the transition away from smoking and could even be a cheaper choice (depending on average consumption).

The pocket perfect SnowPlus Lite that can last a day (about 300 puffs) comes in 6 colors for Php 1,200.

Perfect for gifting this holiday season, these stylish vapes come in two versions: SnowPlus Lite and SnowPlus Pro, including a wide array of flavors. The SnowPlus pods (Php 750) come in 22 flavors with nicotine-free and smokeless options as well as an industry-leading Double-Curve Airflow System on Gen 3.0 pods for a leak-free experience 99% of the time.

Both devices feature TruePower, which replicates the sensation of smoking to help ease smokers into the switch; but, the SnowPlus Pro charges in an industry-leading 18 minutes, and has a Party Mode that activates a miniature light show when inhaling or waving the device.

A powerhouse of cutting-edge vaping technology that fast-charges in 18 minutes is the SnowPlus Pro. Available in 5 colors for Php 2,000.

With innovative technology, SnowPlus takes a cautious approach with full responsibility to create a useful contribution not only to smokers but to society as well. To learn more, visit them on their website ( and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Shop online through LAZADA or shop in stores and kiosks nationwide. 

Product Disclaimer: Please note that SnowPlus products contain nicotine which is known to be an addictive substance, and thus carries the potential health risks associated with nicotine consumption.


Who doesn’t need more denim in their lives? Denim is a staple in everybody’s closet, but did you know that you can personalize and curate denim items now? Whether you are looking for gifts for a fashionista friend, a cool older sibling, or even for yourself, Levi’s has affordable bestselling items for practically anyone – including personalized items!

Photo from Kim Tapel (@kimtappy)

Even influencers are in love with Levi’s items. If you want to take a break from denim or if you want to give someone something outside of the denim family, Levi’s chinos are easy to style. Check out how Kim Tapel styled his Levi’s XX Stay Loose Chino Pants with a plain T-shirt topped off with a Levi’s oversized Stay Loose Trucker Hang Loose Jacket for the ultimate comfort.

Photo from Ciara Gan (@ciaragan)

Our current favorite? These nature-inspired Levi’s pieces from their Farm Rio collection as seen on Ciara Gan. Anyone wearing these pieces is sure to be the talk of the town as they make a bold fashion statement. Of course, you can always opt for a vintage feel with Levi’s High Loose jeans, as well, and pair them with a pastel graphic tee, your favorite pair of sneakers, and a handbag. Levi’s also has pastel polo shirts available that you can pair with your favorite denim jeans or chino pants.

Photo from Anina Rubio (@aninarubio)

You can also get something more personalized and curated this Christmas to show your loved ones how much you value and care about them. Put in the extra effort and customize a Levi’s Trucker jacket with the Tailor It Yourself Kits available in all Levi’s Tailor shops. You can choose from four sets: Basically Cool, Down to Earth (as seen on Anina Rubio above), Creative Spirit, and Trend Setter.

Shop now at and make sure to follow Levi’s on Facebook and Instagram for more promos and updates!

Old Spice

Whether you are giving a gift to your boyfriend, husband, brother, or guy friends, Old Spice will always be something that they will appreciate and surely use. #TheSmellThatNeverDies now offers #LegendaryMen Christmas packs that are perfect for the gift-giving season.

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Jim Beam

Your e-numan sessions will never be the same as Jim Beam has introduced a special ‘tin pack’ available at S&R for P1,438.00.

The limited-edition tin pack is an ideal Christmas present for those who want to pair their usual holiday fare with an easy-to-make yet deliciously refreshing drink. The tin itself can be used as an ice bucket while the lid can be used as a garnish tray, making homemade highballs easier and more convenient this holiday season.

The MASQ Collection

Of course, what better gift to give this year than something that’s essential in the new normal? The MASQ Collection just released their newest holiday collection in the most gorgeous designs! Anyone wearing these masks is sure to make heads turn.

Photo from The MASQ Collection

Currently, they’re offering Christmas bundles that have UP TO 10 different face mask designs. If you want to send over an extra layer of protection to your loved ones, The MASQ Collection is also offering Christmas gift sets that can include either a sanitizer or a UV light.

Photo from The MASQ Collection

The MASQ Collection takes pride in their fashionable yet very functional face masks. Each one is made out of breathable and lightweight fabric that makes mask-wearing super comfortable all day long. They’re also made to be a perfect fit on your face with adjustable ear straps, a nose contour, and a chin cup which also ensure that there are no gaps on your mask.

Aside from that, their masks also passed 4 crucial safety tests to make sure that you’re safe while being fashionable! Each mask also includes filters for that extra layer of protection.

Photo from The MASQ Collection

With their wide array of beautiful designs, there’s definitely one for any personality. You can’t go wrong with essential face masks made stylish. Order yours at and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their newest designs!

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