This Mascarpone Cake is the Perfect Quarantine Surprise for Your Loved Ones

When quarantine started, I have to admit that we didn’t imagine it would last this long. However, there were some positive aspects to being stuck at home for months. For starters, we were able to discover all sorts of food finds that we probably wouldn’t have been able to discover otherwise. Secondly, we were able to help spread the word about online businesses and share the love. Lastly, we have gotten more creative in showing our loved ones how much we care by sending them care packages even from afar.

It’s a whole new world, that’s for sure, but we’ve stopped complaining and have simply learned to embrace it and work with it for now. Within the past eight months, I have tried a ton of cakes – more than I could have imagined would be possible to eat in that span of time. But one cake that really stood out and that became a real “talk of the town” at home and in the workplace is By Benassi’s mascarpone cake. I previously wrote about how this cake would change your life, and I swear that was no exaggeration!

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 1

Photo by By Benassi

Before I even got to taste By Benassi’s mascarpone cake, it was already a popular topic in our group chat for work. Our Associate Editor, Nicole Villaluz, claimed that it was one of the most delicious cakes she had ever had in her life. Obviously, my expectations were high.

And although I was a little worried because I live in the South and cakes usually don’t get here in one piece, I was not disappointed when it arrived. It looked a little melted as per usual, but after leaving it in the freezer for a while, my family and I dug in and we were rendered absolutely speechless. It. Is. So. Good.

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 4

Photo from By Benassi

The best part is that this cake comes in a sizeable tub – good enough for an entire family to share. Of course, you can also order it for one person and they can just store it in the freezer and eat it as they see fit. Either way, it won’t last long – trust me.

The reason behind this deliciousness really isn’t that surprising. The brainchild behind it is Katia Benassi-de Guzman, who was born and raised in Massa, Tuscany, Italy. With an Italian dad and a Filipina mom, she grew up eating mascarpone cake on special occasions with the recipe coming from her Italian grandmother. As such, you can be sure that this is the real deal. It’s basically like getting a taste of Italy right here in the Philippines!

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 2

Photo by By Benassi

Our COO, Sky Gavin, raved about it, too, pointing out that they don’t scrimp on ingredients. “You’ll taste it in the mascarpone,” she says. “It tastes creamier and more decadent.” Our Executive Editor, KC Canlas, also raved about the cake. “It’s so light, you can finish it in one go,” she says. “It has a strong coffee kick without being bitter. Creamy, but not too sweet. You can still drink it with coffee.”

Whether you have a celebration of any kind coming up soon (Christmas parties, anyone?) or want to send something sweet to someone you love, we highly recommend sending them a tub of mascarpone cake. Everyone is sure to love it! We guarantee it!

By Benassi Mascarpone Cake 3

Photo from By Benassi

By Benassi delivers all around Metro Manila. You can choose from any of the delivery services currently available and book the courier yourself.

By Benassi

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