PSA: Chris Hemsworth is Coming to Manila

Hold onto your jaws (and your panties!). Netflix just revealed that Chris Hemsworth, who returns as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2, is coming to Manila on June 5, 2023. Director Sam Hargrave will join Chris for the APAC red carpet premiere of the highly anticipated action and adventure sequel.

Chris Hemsworth in Manila 2023

Chris Hemsworth in Manila Extraction 2

Photo from Netflix

In a video (that we simply can’t get enough of), Chris teased fans about his visit. “I’ll be flying to Manila this June for the premiere of Extraction 2 where I play Tyler Rake. I don’t want you to miss out so please come join me. It’ll be fun.” The blockbuster actor excitedly adds, “Can’t wait to see you all there soon. Take care.”

Watch the teaser video here:


After barely surviving the events of the first movie, Tyler Rake is back as the Australian black ops mercenary, tasked with another deadly mission: rescuing the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held.

Who’s excited to meet Chris Hemsworth in Manila?!??

Extraction 2 premieres on June 16, only on Netflix.

Watch the trailer of Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth here.