Choka Restaurant in La Union is Now in Front of the Beach and It’s Instagrammable!

I first visited La Union back in 2016, when the surf town wasn’t as crowded as it is now. Since accommodations weren’t that expensive yet, we were able to stay at a fancy beachfront hotel. Looking for food wasn’t that hard because the choices weren’t overwhelming.

I still remember the first restaurant I ever tried in San Juan: Choka. Even back then, the place was already beautiful and the food has always been great. They used to be located by the National Highway, right beside San Juan Surf Resort; but they moved to the beach beside Flotsam & Jetsam. Now, they have a new location: still by the beach, but definitely so much better!

Choka’s new look is inspired by traditional Filipino huts, adding to the beach vibe that people seem to look for when visiting La Union. They have a spacious area that’s perfect for dining with the family, as well as intimate spots for sunset dates with your S.O., a bar where you and your friends can enjoy cold beers, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee alone with sand tickling your feet. They also play great music that will keep you chill while you watch surfers dance with the waves or lovers walk hand in hand by the shore.

All day breakfast at Choka (Php199)

Choka opens as early as 7AM and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most of the time, people go to the easy-to-find breakfast places along the National Highway because they think those are the only places that serve real breakfast. What tou might not know is that there’s Choka, a place that serves amazing breakfast by the beach. Why not walk a little bit and feel the morning breeze of the sea?

Open-faced omelette (front) and the famous Akaw Meal (back) for Php299

Tapa from the all day breakfast at Choka (Php199)

Danggit from the all day breakfast at Choka (Php199)

Bagnet from the all day breakfast at Choka (Php199)

Aside from their breakfast food, Choka also serves massive servings of mains and snacks. Even back when they first opened, they’ve been known for their large portion of servings that give great value for money. My personal favorite would be the classic Cordon Bleu served with rice and salad on the side. Aside from that, they also have fresh fruit shakes for only Php50 and locally crafted beers for only Php100, both of which are perfect for a hot day at the beach.

Club House from the Gourmet Sandwich selections (Php299)

Bagel Sandwich from the Gourmet Sandwich selections (Php299)

Bagel Sandwich (back) and Open-Face Crispy Chicken Tacos from the Gourmet Sandwich selections (Php299)

Cordon Bleu (back) and Grilled Tuna (front)

Locally crafted beers for Php100/glass

Fresh fruit shakes from Php50

Choka also has a secret menu. Here’s one: freshly-made waffles dusted with powdered sugar served with homemade peanut butter, strawberry jam, and fresh fruits on the side. Note, though, that they might take time serving their food as they really pour their hearts in it. Choka is not a place where you grab quick bites, anyway. It’s more of a place where you sit down, slow down, make friends, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Clar, the wonderful founder of your Choka Family, now chilling by the beach.

The surf town in La Union can be crazy, especially when during the weekend. However, if you are looking for a place where you can relax and attract good vibes, Choka is the place to be. Most of the time, they hold events for the community, especially for children since Clar is a great believer that today’s youth will create a great tomorrow. Truly, the dedication and passion that Clar, Tats, and the whole Choka family give to the place radiates around the place and their light energy makes it more like home.

Choka Restaurant

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

0921 219 3528


Instagram: @chokalaunion


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