Chocolate Festival at Eastwood City: The Ultimate Chocoholic’s Melting Pot

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Other than coffee and wine, chocolates have been a subject for criticism among us! Some have already ended up raising an eyebrow to it and made worship less remarks to some chocolate products out there that failed their expectations. True, our standards are getting too high that sometimes it is already becoming hard to meet.

These might be some of the few reasons why chocolates nowadays are no longer just comfort food for distressed souls. Today, we consider it as an art that needs mastery and craftsmanship.

So to learn more about the artistry on chocolates, I decided to drop by at the Chocolate Festival at Eastwood City,  in Quezon City.

Seeing all the chocolate stalls scattered all over the place was like ‘heaven on earth! Chocolate enthusiasts and entrepreneurs were all there to showcase their products—inviting everyone to try and taste their magnum opus. Each product was unique, overflowing with  great, subtle, chocolatey taste and delicately crafted to stimulate the consumer’s tastebuds! They also did a great job on how each variant  looked more enticing and captivating to everyone’s eyes.

I was like a child being brought to a toy store as I started roaming around this small Cocoa wonderland. I know I should always have my camera ready to take good photos, but my attention span became shorter and shorter as I smelled the sweet, oh-la-la goodness of those chocolates. I don’t really know where to start—Everything here was heavenly good!

I decided to go to Risa’s chocolate creations first.

Risa’s chocolate has its own love-at-first-sight charm. Not just reinventing the typical cocoa flavor, they also mastered the art of infusing mint, cerveza negra, and rhum to their products.


Risa 2-horz

Risa 3

Risa 10

Risa 11


Next stop: The Crukitchen

Do you like hot chocolate? Crukitchen has done some embellishment to your hot choco addiction.

Introducing: The Choco Spoon—a cubed milk chocolate on a popsicle stick.

Do whatever you want to do: You can lick it so you can feel it melting in your mouth or put it on  hot milk, stir it and enjoy a cup of hot and creamy chocolate drink.


Cru 2

Cru 6


You might be interested with their other products too!


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