Children will learn color in a new way thanks to ‘Nameless Paints’

In a bid to revolutionize how children think and learn about color, an innovative design duo from Japan created nameless paints. Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki are Japanese designers who created paint tubes that are labeled with an “equation” that shows which primary colors were used to make the color inside and in what proportions.

The artwork “Nameless paints” was motivated by the hesitations they both started to feel from a younger age and won the 2012 KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD Grand Prix as a work that greatly expands the learning and creative thinking of children significantly.

Their main goal is to remove any preconceived notions kids might have about the colors, therein resulting in greater freedom of expression and have a more personal connection with the art they create. Imai says which even by omitting names for the paints, it forms the young artists’ minds to wonder what sort of color will be created on the canvas, or what the result of mixing two different shades together will be.

“When I was a child I used to unquestioningly use “skin color” when painting people’s faces. If I think about that now, I think it is somewhat strange. To use a little exaggeration, I could say that if I had encountered these paints when I was small, my future may have changed. My thought is that I would like people to have the experience of using these paints once in their lives, rather than asking people to use them every day”, Moteki mentioned.

With this, the design of the tubes and packaging was also determined by the particular character of the product concept. In order to convey the concept visually, the tube uses the notation “○+○” to express the composition of the color. In addition, a transparent sleeve case was adopted for the packaging, so that the design of the tubes can be seen before opening it.

Basically, the equations already have the added advantage of teaching the basic color theory to children as well as how to mix and produce new colors.

Would you want to try these paints for yourselves so that you can find your own expression of the color?


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