Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant Features Stellar Lunch Set Meals for only P695 Every Week!

Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant’s

Bernese Platter

(Smoked Porkloin, Bacon and Cocktail Franks on Sauerkraut and  Potatoes)




I must admit, when I started working in Makati last month, I was soooo clueless on where to dine especially during lunchtime! Fortunately, I was able to discover this gem along Yakal street called Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant! And guess what? Aside from Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant, they also have this great Italian resto called Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano and I’m Angus Steakhouse which is known to serve the best steaks in Makati!



Anyway, due to  this increasing curiosity for European culture and cuisine which I’ve been having for quite some time now,  I’ve decided to dine at Chesa Bianca each week to be more  acquainted with Swiss cuisine! Great thing they actually offer lunch set menus which vary every week (Monday – Saturday) and priced only at P695! For only P695, you get to pick the appetizer and main dish of your choice! Hmmmm not bad!



What fascinates me most about Europeans in general is their love and commitment to great quality food and dining! Whenever I hear about Swiss food in particular, I couldn’t help but associate it with all foods that are of high quality and superb taste! Just imagine the wide array of cheeses, fine wines, hams, sausages and also with the chocolates which they produce!



In the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly compiling photos from each lunch visit at Chesa Bianca to share them all with you.  I enjoyed taking photos there a lot because they have very good lighting which is very ideal for photography! Also, I got to know their wonderful chef by the name of Chef Leo Marquez which personally prepared every dish before I took shots of them. He seemed to like my shots a lot and of course, I wanted to show the world how great his dishes are so I made sure that his creations looked really yummy!



Let me show you the ones which I personally liked! I hope to see these dishes again in the coming weeks!



Let’s start off with some appetizers….


Paté de Campagne with Celery Salad
Cumberland Sauce

 ~ certainly a lot of distinct flavors and textures happening here! I love the way on how the sauce wasn’t too overpowering!




 Spinach Fritters with Marinated Shrimps

-I love the textures a lot! I find this to be very light and tasty






Here are the top main dishes which I liked the most!




Breaded Fish Fillets, Sauce Remoulade
Creamed Spinach, Buttered Potatoes 

-oooohhh my weakness indeed! The fish was really fresh! Squeeze in some lemon for added zing! I also adore the Creamed Spinach




 Lapu-Lapu Fillet Murat Style
Pan-fried in butter with diced Potatoes and Artchokes

-I learned to finally appreciate artichokes because of this dish! Lapu-Lapu is also one of my favorite seafood!




 Lamb Stew Marengo, Cauliflower Mornay, Tagliatelle

-I believe Marengo is of Italian origin. Basically a hearty stew with potatoes, onions, mushrooms. European comfort food perhaps?  It goes well with the Tagliatelle pasta and Cauliflower Mornay!




 Trio of Lamb with Cous Cous

– I’m a certified lamb lover (yes I am!) and this dish really took my breath away! For those who are not familiar with Couscous,  it’s a popular alternative to rice and pasta which is made from tiny granules of semolina





 Osso Bucco

~another favorite of mine! An Italian classic specialty made of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. I would like to cook this myself one of these days!






My lunch experiences at  Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant has definitely elevated my standards when in comes to food and dining! I realized that price  should never ever be an issue… that we only should eat the freshest and best ingredients all the time! I wish we Filipinos would also learn this kind of culture where we would prefer the best as opposed to eating unhealthy processed junk food just because they are cheap and convenient. 




So when in Manila (specially in Makati)  and craving for great European home-style cooking plus an authentic Swiss ambiance, I highly recommend visiting  Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant specially during lunch so you can get to experience their stellar weekly  lunch set menus!! 





Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant


Lunch Set Menus available from Monday-Saturday

7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati

for inquiries and reservations, pls call (02)-892-75-24






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Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant Features Stellar Lunch Set Meals for only P695 Every Week!


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