Say Yup to Samgyup: These Cheesy Samgyupsal Bakes are Absolute Must-Tries

Do you miss samgyupsal? It’s no secret that there are a ton of different types of irresistible bakes out there nowadays. However, samgyupsal bakes have an extra special place in my heart due to my intense love for Korean food. If you feel the same way, here are 6 online stores that can deliver delicious ultra-cheesy Korean bakes to the comforts of your home.

6 Must-Try Cheesy Samgyupsal Bakes

6. Tasty Gems (@tastygemsmnl)


Tasty Gems Cheesy Baked Samgyup

Photo from Tasty Gems

Tasty Gems was founded after the original 12-year-old business of this mother-daughter tandem closed due to the COVID-19 situation in the country. Their menu has something that’s familiar to everyone, as well as something new for their customers to try. “When we develop a new dish to add to our menu, we usually try cooking it several times during the weekdays and have our close friends and family taste and critique it first,” they share. “Their suggestions help us create offerings that our customers will try and surely love.” All of their food offerings are made from the heart for people who like to eat well. Plus, their products are ultra affordable; so you can get your cravings satisfied without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Happy Kimchi Rice (@happykimchirice)


Happy Kimchi Rice Bake

Happy Kimchi Rice is the product of love and labor of two sisters, Faye and Cheska Magpantay. With both their professions in the Rehabilitation Medicine industry put on hold, they decided to start this food venture inspired by their obsession with K-culture. Choose between having pork or beef over their secret kimchi fried rice recipe that even non-spicy food fans will enjoy. You can even order it as a roll for a quick work-from-home snack!

4. Kani Allie (@kani_allie)


Kani Allie Oppa Ninja

Photo from Kani Allie

Donna Villarin’s Kani Allie started when their kitchen prepared packed lunches for medical frontliners fighting against COVID-19. Prepping those meals made them realize that they could start a business. The following day, they experimented with baked sushi, starting with the classic salmon bake. On Father’s Day, they formally introduced their Oppa Ninja, which uses kimchi rice, the original kanji mayo, and generous toppings of beef samgyupsal. You can even customize your orders by mixing two flavors in one pan, making it a great addition to every Pinoy handaan. They have served more than 1,300 trays since they started.

3. Malinao Kitchen (@malinaokitchen)


Malinao Kitchen Cheesy Samgyup Bake

Photo from Malinao Kitchen

Malinao Kitchen started during the pandemic because of a family’s love for Korean and Japanese food. After making their own sushi bake version, they tried their hand at the cheesy samgyup bake. If you are a huge lover of cheese, this is the best version for you to try as there is a generous amount of cheese in this mixed with their high quality and original ingredients. They also make use of a UV care super air cleaner and UV care germ sticks to sanitize work surfaces and trays before putting food on it, so you can be sure that everything is as clean and as sanitized as possible.

2. BakedGyupsal (@bakedgyupsal)



Photo from Bakedgyupsal

Ramona Lacson and her mother Emma Lacson are the ones behind BakedGyupsal. Bakedgyupsal is derived from the words ‘baked’ and ‘samgyupsal’, and started during the lockdown when Ramona craved for samgyupsal and they decided to create a dish that would satisfy her cravings. For the rice, you can choose between Kimchi Fried Rice and Java Rice; for the meat, you can choose between Beef Bulgogi and Chicken Teriyaki; and for the wrapper, you can choose between Lettuce and Nori. I love the fact that lettuce is an option here because I’ve always best enjoyed my samgyup with lettuce. That aside, everything is made-to-order, and they are baked before delivery to ensure the best quality. They have also launched something new on the menu: BG rolls, which are pre-wrapped and rolled with lettuce and nori to make things even easier for you.

1. WooSarap MNL (@woosarapmnl)


Woosarap Baked Samgyup

Photo from WooSarap MNL

WooSarap MNL started in April this year amidst these uncertain times. Quarantine was spent ordering and trying out different quarantine food trends. Since they used to love eating out every weekend and missed Korean barbecue the most, they decided to create an ‘express’ version of samgyupsal by creating a baked version of it – and it is sooooo good! In fact, I finished a whole tray on my own (NO REGRETS!). They make everything on the day itself to make sure every ingredient you get in your tray is freshly made. They even have gift box packages available in case you want to send someone a care package during these trying times. 🙂

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