Cheese and Charcuterie Boxes and Grazing Tables for Your Next Fancy Party

When it comes to giving gifts or throwing any kind of party or get-together, many are clueless with what to give or serve to make your gift/party a little more exciting than the last one. Let us help take the guesswork out of that for you by introducing Gabrielle’s Appetizers & Desserts.

There are three sides to this dessert story.

First are the Luxe Graze Boxes. Graze informally connotes eating small quantities of food at frequent but irregular intervals. What kind of food best gives you this experience but cheese or charcuterie—prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork. In short, wine & cheese!

And its not just any wine and cheese platter, but a smorgasbord of appetizers carefully selected and custom-made for your next unforgettable gift. Because, really, nothing can delight anyone more than food, alcohol and the anticipation of sharing it over a good movie or hangout session with friends/family. Ultimate bonding food. Prices start at P1,500.

Second are Gabrielle’s Grazing Tables. If you want your next event to stand out, where visitors can just hang out at a corner of the room and start chatting up then these beautiful and delectable grazing tables will take care of that. This one’s much like the Graze boxes but on a much grander scale, leaving a lot of wow for your guests. There’s wine, cheese, sweets, meat—who wouldn’t want to hang out next to these? Prices start at P10,000.

And speaking of sweets, the third part to Gabrielle’s dessert story are the Sweets! Defo one of the yummiest cookies I’ve tasted, because of that right amount of sweetness. Gabrielle, the lady behind Gabrielle’s, has been baking since 2013 and her main purpose for the sweets is for her customers to experience premium but affordable goodies at the same time. Prices start at P400 per box.

What makes Gabrielle’s Appetizers & Desserts stand out from the rest?  You get posh, pretty, and premium all with an affordable price.

Gabrielle’s Appetizers & Desserts serves clients in the south but is also open to orders from anywhere else. So go on ahead, tell your budget and Gabrielle will work on it without risking the quality of her goods and services.

Gabrielle’s Appetizers & Desserts

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Mobile : +63 9173020942
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