Check Out This Modern Twist to Our Childhood Favorite, Ensaymada!

Article by Therese Justine Bruel/ Photos by Chloe King


Ensaymada is the quintessential Filipino favorite for afternoon snacks, morning recess breaks, and late night snacks. Personally, I have never been a fan of ensaymada. To me, the taste of butter and cheese is a bit too overpowering to enjoy. However, with Conti’s ensaymada, I’ve come to realize that maybe I just haven’t been eating the right ones!


Conti’s ensaymada (yes, even the classic cheese ensaymada!) is something I enjoy eating! For all of the flavors, the pastry is consistently light, fluffy, and moist. Somehow, Conti’s makes each bite of their ensaymada super satisfying, making it your perfect break time pick-me-up!


What really makes Conti’s ensaymada stand out, though, is the flavors infused in the pastries—yummy twists that surprise and delight you with how good they are! There are five flavors apart from Classic Cheese: Ube, Apple, White Choco Almond, Dulce, and Cookies and Cream.


My personal favorite would be the White Choco Almond: it’s like having a high-class dessert as your everyday meriyenda! The white chocolate complements the pastry perfectly, and the almonds give it texture that cheese can only hope to achieve. Even though I have a favorite, each and every one of the ensaymada is still amazing!



You have the Apple ensaymada: a tried-and-true blend of tart apple and sweet, mind-melting buttery delight! The Ube ensaymada is perfect for those who want to feel a bit of childhood nostalgia—that ube certainly brings back memories of life in the province, eating purple yams to pass the time.

There’s also Dulce, which is fluffy and incredibly creamy—but never overpowering! And for those looking to have their sweet tooth stroked even more, there’s Cookies and Cream!

And, of course, the Classic Cheese ensaymada doesn’t fail to hold up with its box-mates. Like I said before, this ensaymada right here made me realize that I haven’t been eating the right kinds of ensaymada!

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Conti’s also surprises us with their delicious Toffee Crunch Cake: a melt-in-your-mouth cake that surprises you with a crunchy toffee center, lip-licking caramel icing. Plus, it’s topped with cream and walnuts!

The perfect way to end any meal is with a Conti’s dessert—or, be like me, and just eat these desserts in place of your meal!

Conti’s Flavored Ensaymada will be available in all Conti’s branches until June 30, 2018 for Php375 per set of six. Conti’s Toffee Crunch Cake is priced at Php945 for the whole cake, and Php145 for a slice.