Chaze: Run for Everybody’s Lives!

Chaze: Run for Everybody’s Lives!Chaze-Detailed-(2)


Two University-Wide Organizations but with one common goal: To save lives.

Last November 2013, UST Lingkod ER and Red Cross Youth Council-Central Board have brought the very first zombie outbreak in the Thomasian community entitled “Chaze: Run for Everybody’s Lives!” Precisely with the aim of raising funds, all goods earned were donated to the victims of the devastating Typhoon Yolanda.

This November 9, 2014 (4-9pm), both organizations have again successfully collaborated to proudly bring to you the outbreak in the second time around but this time a fiercer zombie apocalypse “Chaze 2.0: Run for Everybody’s Lives!”


  1. Online registration may be accessed by going to this link:
  2. Participant may register as a zombie or a runner. Those registering as zombie will pay a fee of Php 150.00. On the other hand, those who will participate as runners will be paying Php 300.00.
    1. Race Kit consists of the running singlet (check photo for the singlet sizes), Race Bib, Race Route and Raffle Stub
    2. Prosthetics and foods for the zombies will be provided by the organizers
    3. On November 4-7 2014, registration booth at the Tan Yan Kee (TYK) Lobby will be present.
      1. Those who registered online may pay at the booth
      2. An On-site registration starting at 4pm will also be present on the Plaza Mayor on the day of the event


1. The race will consist of two (2) lapses along the route (UST Parade Grounds).

2. During the race, zombies will chase the runners and aim for the lives (flags) of the runners. Some zombies will also unexpectedly appear on chosen areas. Runners will be given three (3) lives each.

3. Each zombie is allowed to grab only one life (flag) from the runner.

4. No physical contact (punching, slapping, and the like) should take place. Weapons and any device for self-defense will strictly be prohibited. There will be marshals along the track to keep an eye.

5. Throwing of any kinds of object is strictly prohibited.

6. If anyone, a runner or a zombie, is caught on having physical contact by the watchers along the track, automatic disqualification and no any refunds will be carried out.

7. Special prizes will be found along the racetrack. Runners should feel free to get them.


1. Runners who will finish the race with at least one remaining flag will get the chance to win prizes during the raffle.

2. The first, second, and third finishers will receive medals, certificates, and special prizes.

3. For the “dead” (no flags left) runners, they can still finish the track but they are no longer eligible for prizes. However, they will still receive a certificate for finishing the run.


I’m interested! How could I register?

            You can register online by going to this link  and filling up the form; You may also register personally at the Tan Yan Kee lobby on November 4-7. Moreover, on-site registration will be present on the day of the event.

How will I pay the registration fee when I registered only through online?

            Chaze booth will be present at the Tan Yan Kee lobby on November 4-7.

Can I register my friends?

            Yes you may provided that you can pay for them

How will I choose my singlet size?

            Dimensions are indicated. Feel free to choose!

What food is included?

            Shakey’s Hand Toast Pizza and Mojos.

Is there a place where I can leave my stuff before the race starts?

            Yes there is, we will be providing a package counter. Just please remember not to bring valuable possessions.

Can I have a bottle of water with me?

            Feel free!

I slipped! I got hurt! I got injured!

            Don’t worry, first aid providers will be with us. We hope what happened is not a severe one! Always be careful, please!

Are you providing drinking water?



Hey I still have flag/s left! I’m alive!

            Congratulations! Stay tuned for surprise awards!

I’m dead.

            Sad. Better luck next time. You may still finish the race!

All funds that will be raised will exclusively be utilized as a calamity fund.

Let’s run and have fun at the same time! Run not just for your life but more importantly for everybody’s lives!

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Chaze: Run for Everybody’s Lives!