Charlize Theron Advocates Gay Marriage but doesn’t Consider Marriage as an Option

A-list Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is an active supporter of equal opportunities for the gays and lesbians community, including the right to marriage. She may be born out of wedlock, but for her, that doesn’t necessarily mean it influenced her decision to stay single. she doesn’t see herself getting married again. She said that she would rather prefer long term-relationships because she can’t stand to get married on a church that doesn’t support her beliefs and advocacies.


charlize theron gay supporter


With her old Hollywood star looks and charming presence, I’m sure many are dying to be the husband of the beauty that is Charlize Theron. But as we all know, there’s more to life than looks. I don’t find anything wrong with Charlize’s decision. She’s just being true to herself and that’s what matters.


At least she is open to having a long, meaningful relationship, and it’s not like all men would want to get married anyway to be honest. She just has to find a man who is on the same boat with her.


BTW, I think one of the reasons why Charlize Theron is surfacing on the entertainment news is that she’s set to star on the upcoming ‘Hancock 2‘ movie to be released in 2013. As far as I know, the first Hancock was a really great action-comedy-romance movie that was well-liked by a lot of people. I just hope that they could at least keep the level of interest of people (if not exceed it) on the next one.