LOOK: The Character Descriptions of ‘Victor Magtanggol’ are Out

This July 30, GMA is launching a new fantasy TV series entitled ‘Victor Magtanggol’ starring Alden Richards in the lead role yielding what seems to be a lightning hammer. Seem familiar? Check out some of the character descriptions here, which they just released a few hours ago:

See the full cast members and characters here.

As familiar as this sounds, though, the concept creator Jules Katanyag explains that the story is actually just based on Norse mythology and not on the Marvel superhero Thor as it might seem at first glance. As such, some of the characters may be the same as in the Thor that we all know and love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is apparently not inspired by it at all. Read the full story on that here.

Will you be watching ‘Victor Magtanggol’ when it comes out on TV?

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