Chance the Rapper’s Movie Pitch About Donald Trump Is Hilarious

Looks like Chance the Rapper may have a second calling as Chance the Movie Producer.

The Grammy-winning hitmaker pitched a fun little movie idea on Twitter, much to the amusement of his followers, featuring Donald Trump, an old iPod, and the spirit of Christmas.

In a series of tweets, Chance wrote:

“Alright I gotta movie pitch: a thread.”

“President Trump gets an old Ipod for christmas… This is his very first ipod… But not only is it his first Ipod, he’s actually never listened to music before in his life.

“This Ipod has music from the past, present & FUTURE… And like A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life or What Women Want this Ipod drastically changes how President Trump sees the world (sic)…”

Don’t be getting any ideas, though — the rapper says that the thread was just for laughs.

“I was just joking im not making either movie,” he tweeted. “I was just checking to see how yall felt about it. It was just jokes. Dont go make that movie. It would be dangerous (sic).”

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