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When In Manila, everyone in the metro has embraced the concept of fitness, and it all comes in various forms! Yet one of the most popular and trendiest fitness activities available is the timeless practice of yoga. And really, is it that surprising to see why? Apart from keeping you fit and limber, yoga is most known to bring inner peace, calmness and a sense of balance to one that practices it. And in this crazy hustle and bustle of the metro, those are definitely what anyone caught up in the busy city life would yearn for. If there is one thing that centuries and centuries of practice can tell us, is that yoga is more than just a fad to a fitness-seeking individual: it’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay.

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A smart shopper seeks longevity in products. Investing in durable and trusted gear will not only improve your practice, but will act as a form of investment to achieve your lifelong fitness goals. With that, where exactly do you start looking for trusted (yet stylish!) yoga equipment and apparel that is worth your money?

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Enter Certified Calm, the one-stop haven for yogis! Certified Calm is where you find everything you need in order to practice the peaceful and balanced lifestyle of yoga. The store boasts of well-curated items ranging from apparel to accessories. Each brand they offer is specially hand-picked to coalesce with the store’s core principle—to be able to provide trusted and sustainable yoga gear that boasts with both comfort and longevity. So whether you are just getting into yoga, or have been practicing faithfully for years already, Certified Calm has all that you’ll ever need.

Manduka Mats

Certified Calm Manduka

Manduka PROlite mat and Manduka eKO mat

Starting off with a thick, cushioned and durable mat for yoga will do wonders for anyone, whether as a beginner or as a certified yogi– those just getting into yoga will have more support for practice so they can feel more confident about getting into challenging poses, while the seasoned yoga enthusiast will improve their quality of practice!

The PROlite mat is a durable, cushioned mat that uses a closed-cell technology which keeps sweat from seeping into

the mat. How can you possibly go wrong with a yoga mat that is teacher-approved, eco-friendly and promises a Lifetime Guarantee?

For the ultimate eco-conscious yogi, the eKO Series is the next generation eco yoga mat made without any manufactured toxins, and is composed of 100% natural tree rubber. The eKO mat also promises unparalleled wet grip to perform complex poses with ease, even during the sweatiest of conditions.


Klean Kanteen

Certified Calm Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated and Classic Insulated bottles

If you are looking for a reliable and safe water bottle that is guaranteed to last a lifetime, then Klean Kanteen is what you need. Klean Kanteen is known for its insulation of hot and cold beverages, interchangable lids, and wide array of attractive colors. It is also backed up with a Lifetime Warranty—a sure winner on most books.

What’s great about these bottles is that they can keep your drinks at just the right temperature you like for hours! The Vacuum Insulated Wide bottle can keep your drinks hot for 6 hours, and iced for 24 hours! On the other hand, the Vacuum Insulated Classic bottle can keep drinks hot for 12 hours, and iced for 24 hours too.



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Certified Calm also carries ToeSox—a pair of socks that uses a patented non-slip grip technology. ToeSox is a good addition to every yogi’s collection of accessories, as it allows toes to move and spread naturally with its unique 5-toe design.These five-toe grip socks prevent you from slipping, as well as keeping bare feet clean in public areas! It also prevents those painful blisters that can hinder you from practicing regularly, as the toe socks prevent skin-on-skin friction. This definitely makes activities such as pilates, barre, and other forms of dance a breeze!
What’s great about Certified Calm items is that they carry lifetime guarantee, so these definitely make for a worthy investment!
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