Cebu Lechon Belly: Now Available Through The Hearty Onion!

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Cliché as it sounds, it was love at first bite when I literally sank my teeth into what is arguably Cebu’s most famous dish — the lechon. I couldn’t get enough of its salty, tangy flavor — so much so that while I was on a business trip to the Queen City of the South, I had it for both lunch and dinner. (Understandably, I developed a migraine from too much high-cholesterol consumption, but what the heck, YOLO!) 

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So imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my most favorite dishes in the world was now available in Manila, thanks to The Hearty Onion — specifically, the Cebu Lechon Belly (P3,500 per order). Now included in The Hearty Onion’s wide range of culinary offerings, this palate-pleasing delicacy is the real deal: authentic Cebuano flavors (lemongrass, salt, onions, garlic, pepper, and some mysterious spices that my usually discerning taste buds can’t quite figure out), top quality pork (unlike other types of Cebu lechon, The Hearty Onion’s Cebu Lechon Belly has never tasted malansa and is always tender to the bite), and, to top it off, you can have it in two flavors — original or spicy. The Hearty Onion has oh-so thoughtfully served up its lechon belly boneless, thus allowing you to enjoy it sans the hassle of deboning.

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I’m not the only fan of Cebu-style lechon in the family; my mom, who has one of the most discriminating palates I know, has given it her thumbs-up for having just the right balance of flavors and a unique contradiction of its crispy yet chewy balat . In fact, my mom has been so impressed with The Hearty Onion’s Cebu Lechon Belly that she places an order almost every week!

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The great thing about the Cebu Lechon Belly is that you can savor it any way you prefer: solo as pulutan , with rice, with a dip (I prefer pairing it with a combo of apple cider vinegar and soy sauce and have it as ulam with rice — yum!), or with any other pairings you can think of.

Cebu Lechon Belly

Have a taste of Cebu when in Manila with The Hearty Onion’s Cebu Lechon Belly. It is available for delivery and/or pick-up every day (just make sure to place an order at least three days in advance).


By: Leslie Lee 


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Cebu Lechon Belly: Now Available Through The Hearty Onion! 

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